Love is telephone, but it is difficult to seize the center time for dialing, and you will let slip the opportunity if your call is either too early or too late.

Love is a telephone which is not always associated with happiness. Honeyed words are transmitted by sound waves,
World of Warcraft Power levelingbut when the lovers are brought together, the phone servers no purpose that many lovers observe that marriage is the doom of love.

Love is a telephone which, when you use it for the first time, makes you so nervous and excited that you either hold the receiver upside down or dial the wrong number. By the time you’ve calmed down, you will beat a loss to whom you should make the call.

Love is a telephone which often has crossed lines. And this usually happens to you unexpectedly.
World of Warcraft GoldYour time will either cross or be crossed. Both cases are refereed to as “triangle”
Fortunately, all such occurrences are transient.