1.First of all, install the Lotus Notes client. There nothing to attend to, Next all the while will be OK, At Last click the button Finish.

2.When finishing the step 1,open the first time, you will see as
diagram 1.
Diagram 1
Click next, start the account information settings.( as diagram 2)
Write the user’s name ,and the Domino
Wuxi server is: spock
Shanghai server is: baltar
Diagram 2
After done ,Click “Next”
3.The interface  as diagrame 3 would be appear, click “Yes” then skip it ,
Diagram 3
After this ,then it will be cost you so a long time to wait for the client to connect the server to load down the information and settings.
4.When data transfer has finished. Diagram 4 appear
Diagram 4
Do not choose Step instant messaging ,then “Next”
Then appear as follows
Click “Next” directly.
Then the application will load it’s information and Components.After that, Diagram5 As follows
Diagram 5
5.When you at this step, most of installation has been done, then you just adjust some parameters settings . Step by step as follows chart.
Adjust the parameters where make marked.
after that
Finished all the settings above. Then turn to Replication.
At this step it is the basic operate daily when you use Lotus notes .
End ths