I passed the BCFP test yesterday.

I got 84 points,the pass score is 56,the test is very easy for me.
Both the questions and answers are not very long,easy to read and understand.
30% of the questions are difficult or confused,you'd better think it over before you submit the answers.
Total 65 questions,you have 120 mins to finish all the questions.
Review is allowed,you can mark the questions for later review if you are not sure about the answer.

About BCFP Certification:

BCFP=Brocade Certified Fabric Professional

The Brocade Certification Program provides a clear path for SAN professionals to demonstrate their achievement in various areas necessary for the successful application of skills and knowledge in the SAN industry. Brocade certifications cover all levels required to successfully implement, support, and manage SANs using Brocade SilkWorm switches.

我昨天通过了BCFP考试 (I passed the BCFP test yesterday)_BCFP考试