MIX大会上的SilverLight Session不少阿,看来是Mix大会的主角,没有机会参加这个会议。
Building Rich Web Experiences using Silverlight and JavaScript for Developers
Speaker(s): Joe Stegman - Microsoft
Audience(s): Developer
Silverlight is Microsoft’s solution for delivering rich, cross-platform interactive experiences for the Web and beyond. Silverlight enables the creation of rich, visually stunning and interactive content and applications that run on multiple browsers and operating systems. In this session, learn more about the benefits of Silverlight from a developer perspective and get an introduction to building Silverlight applications using JavaScript and Microsoft developer and designer tools.

Building Rich, Interactive E-commerce Applications Using ASP.NET and Silverlight
Speaker(s): Ori Gershony - Microsoft, Mark Townsend - Microsoft
Audience(s): Business Decision Maker, Designer, Developer
Come get a sneak preview of the direction that Microsoft is taking to extend ASP.NET to build Rich Interactive applications.  In this session, we'll focus on e-commerce scenarios enabling developer and designers to create easily extensible and customizable applications that use .NET and Silverlight as the foundation.  See some of the initial concepts currently being developed and find out how you can be part of the community that shapes future extensions to ASP.NET.

Creating and delivering rich media and video on the Web with Silverlight, Expression Studio, and Windows “Longhorn” Server
Speaker(s): Brad Abrams, James Clarke - Microsoft, Chris Knowlton - Microsoft
Audience(s): Developer
Customer demands for richer UX, multi-platform support, and higher quality video are continually factors in cost of delivery. Learn how you can use Silverlight, Expression Studio,  ASP.NET and new features for Windows "Longhorn" Server separately or together to improve the end user experience, reduce the cost of video and rich media delivery, and provide monetization opportunities for companies of all sizes.  This session is intended for anyone involved in the creation, management, and experience of digital media on the Web.

Deep Dive on Data Driven Experiences
Speaker(s): Aaron Dunnington - Microsoft, Tim Scudder - Microsoft
Audience(s): Developer
Come learn how technologies like Silverlight, Language INtegrated Query (LINQ), and SQL Server 2005 can help developers build impactful, dynamic applications that reach the broadest possible audience.

Deep Dive on Silverlight Media Integration
Speaker(s): Mike Harsh - Microsoft
Audience(s): Designer, Developer
This session provides an in-depth review of the media functionality available in Silverlight and will cover media features, formats supported by Silverlight, high definition video playback, closed captioning and much more.  This session will leverage Expression Media Encoder, Internet Information Services and Windows Media Services to create compelling user scenarios.

Developing ASP.NET AJAX Controls with Silverlight
Speaker(s): Nikhil Kothari - Microsoft
Audience(s): Developer
This session demonstrates how you can build a new generation of ASP.NET AJAX controls (server and client-side components) that leverage Silverlight to go beyond HTML to enable a new class of compelling user experiences and scenarios. These server controls represent a powerful paradigm that you can leverage to incrementally enrich your ASP.NET applications while preserving a familiar control-based programming model. Silverlight is a cross-platform technology that brings new user interface capabilities such as vector graphics, media, animations and XAML along with a rich programming model. This talk will show how Silverlight fits naturally into the AJAX development model.

Extending the Browser Programming Model with Silverlight
Speaker(s): Stefan Schackow - Microsoft
Audience(s): Developer
Learn how to extend your web applications with Silverlight's programming framework. See how the file dialog and safe file APIs in Silverlight enable developers to create a rich file upload experience. Isolated storage makes it easy for developers to move past the existing limitations of browser cookies. Silverlight's web service support makes it easy for developers to call application services. And Silverlight's HTML interoperability gives developers the ability to implement complicated or performance-sensitive logic in managed code.

MonsterFactory: Using a XAML Template in "Silverlight"
Audience(s): Designer, Developer
This lab focuses on using Microsoft Expression Design to edit an item template, generate items from XAML via CreateFromXAML, and reacting to mouse location. This lab has both XAML and javascript components, geared towards both designers and developers.

Selling Stuff on the Web in Style with Microsoft Commerce Server
Speaker(s): Philippe Lavoie - Cactus Commerce, Inc., Ryan Donovan - Microsoft
Audience(s): Business Decision Maker, Designer, Developer
See how to create a themed, enterprise-ready, e-commerce storefront capable of handling the largest transactional retail scenarios across multiple business channels. Learn how to leverage Commerce Server 2007, ASP.NET, and next-generation presentation technologies such as WPF and Silverlight to build not only a traditional Web storefront, but also service other mediums such as In-Store Kiosks, Mobility, and more – all off of the same application. Then, see how to leverage BizTalk Server 2006 and Web Services to seamlessly connect with back-end systems and trading partners – to provide a complete end-to-end solution.

Using the Desktop and Web to Power Ultimate User Experience Applications
Speaker(s): Roy Ben-Yoseph - AOL, Michael Bott - AOL, Eric Hoffman - AOL, Richard Landsman - AOL
Audience(s): Designer, Developer
Today’s web properties aim to differentiate themselves from their competition by offering dramatically better user experiences to their customers. These new web experiences include improved interactivity, integrated media and easy access to ever-increasing varieties of content. Add the convergence widespread broadband and you’ll see that content-rich web properties can now strive for the best of all worlds: an opportunity to offer an ultimate user experience application, powered by web. Attend this session to hear how AOL is deploying Windows Presentation Foundation, Silverlight, Gadgets and their Web properties to enhance the experience for their users across AOL content.

What's New for Web Developers in the ASP.NET and Visual Studio Codename "Orcas" Release
Speaker(s): Scott Guthrie - Microsoft
Audience(s): Business Decision Maker, Designer, Developer
Be one of the first to see the big advances planned for the next version of ASP.NET for building rich Web applications. Get a sneak peek at technology to help simplify rich content, data, services, and more. Learn how to efficiently and effectively create data-driven applications that fully leverage the power of Silverlight and AJAX on the client coupled with powerful server-side features provided by ASP.NET.