Win7 XP Mode:
1.Download Windows XP Mode from #include xp mode and virtual pc
2 Open the XP Mode 
3.Install app at the XP Mode # such as word viewer from
4.publish the app to win7 
     add the app's shotcut to all user's start menu
5.XP Mode print services
    add print driver to xp mode from win7 # both of the two system must install driver
6.How to shutdown the pc at xp mode
      click ctrl+alt+del at menu bar
      virtual pc's menubar--- tool----config-----close---
      shutdown -s -t 0 from cmd line
7. publish the app to win7 
     Virtual pc's menubar--- tool----config---keep the 'autopublish'option open
     Install the app 
     Add the app's shotcut to all user's start menu
     If u do not want  the xp mode start menu's app display at win7 ,u should add a value from  regedit. 
8 Integrate Services
     Virtual pc's menubar--- tool----config-----Integrate Services # share hd,print...
     Virtual pc's menubar----usb # share the usb      
     XML Notepad
9 configure the windows virtual pc's property
10 Install new OS  from virtual pc
11 Change XP Mode color's bit 
   regedit---HKM----Policies---Microsoft---Windows NT---Terminal Services # add new value
     1==8 bit 2=15 bit 3-16 bit 4=24 bit 
     If u want to change to 32 bit  u should disable  Integrate Services from menubar