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It\'s a good idea to update your MonkeyGTD when new releases come out, especially at the moment since it is changing fairly rapidly. (And if you subscribe to the blog you will know when updates happen). To update, do the following:
  • Make sure you have a backup
  • If you use Firebug you must disable it for local files otherwise import doesn\'t work
  • Click backstage, import
  • At URL or Pathname, paste in (or select MgtdUpgradeUrl from the predefined feeds) and click \'open\'
  • Check the checkbox at the top to select all tiddlers.
  • Uncheck \"Keep these tiddlers linked...\"
  • Click \'import\'
  • Click okay to confirm overwriting existing tiddlers
  • Save and reload (or save to web and shift-reload if your doing this online at Tiddlyspot)
  • Turn on one or more realms. (At the moment upgrading has the side-effect of switching off all your realms)
  • Turn Firebug back on (if applicable)