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Git Large File Storage v1.0

After months of letting our early adopters kick the tires, Git Large File Storage (Git LFS) has reached a 1.0 milestone and is now available to all repositories on GitHub.com.

we released in April

We’re hugely appreciative of the community that’s sprung up around Git LFS. This milestone contains features and fixes that came directly from your feedback and pull requests. Some notable changes include:

  • A fully rewritten HTTP client and API specification that improves concurrency and reduces overhead when transferring thousands of files
  • New 

git lfs fetch

  •  and 

git lfs pull

  • Options for customizing what files are automatically downloaded on checkout
  • Selectively ignore a directory of large files that you don’t need for daily work
  • Download recent files from other branches
  • Improvements to 

git lfs push

  • A Windows installer and Linux packages for more convenient installation
  • An experimental extension system for teams that want to customize how objects are stored on the server

install the client to get started.