A combination of three fabrics is being chosen to decorate a room.   (a combination of 合成,组成)
For this type of person, the job is a lifelong career.   (a lifelong career 一生的事业)
With China's WTO entry, it is anticipated that the price of a private car will be reduced, making what was .ce considered a luxury, accessible to more people.  (accessible to 容易得到)
In a addition, the population in the countryside accounts for 80 % of the entire population, and the stability of the nation depends . them.  (account for 占据)
There are several ways to address the problem.  (address the problem 着手解决问题)
If you agree with the perposal, please sign . the last page.  (agree with sth. 认为...是正确的)
If you give me a moment to explain myself, I think you will agree with my idea.
They also belive firecrakers make festivals and holidays more colorful for adults and children alike. (alike 同样的,相同的 ~ 代替both and)
International organizations have put forward several recommendations to alleviate the problem of overpopulation, including an increase in food production, general economic development in target areas, and a decrease in birth rate.  (alleviate the problem 减缓问题的严重性)
One of the five factors will allow the accident to occur. (allow = to make possible)
Along with economic development, cars have become more popular but the bicycle remains the most important means of transportation for many reasons. (along with 随着)
It is an amazing sight to see many bicycles . Chang'an Avenue in the morning head to work. (amazing sight 令人惊讶的景象)
The boss side the company rules did not apply to him.  (apply to 应用,适用)
Use humor if it seems appropriate, even if you are dealing with a serious subject. (appropriate 恰当的,适合的)
Cooking is different from place to place as a result of different cultures and living styles. (as a result of 作为...的结果)
If there is not electricity, our world would not be able to operate as we know it. (as we konw it 就像我们知道的那样)
Beacuse of this belief, they will try to obtain lucky numbers for things such as a car license plate at any cost.  (at any cost 无论如何,不惜一切代价)
I envy you.You have at your disposal all the time.  (at .e's disposal 供某人自由支配)
Another example to say "NO" is when a realive would take advantage of your relationship for a bank loan or promotion at work.  (at work 在工作上)
Several facctors have attributed to this problem. (atrribute to 归因于)
I set out to pursue an educational avenue that leads to a better jobs.  (avenue 渠道,办法)
Einstein's theory is really too difficult for the average person to understand.  (average person 普通人)
Even today with alternative forms of energy, the world economies are closely tied to oil prices. (be tied to 依赖,依靠)
Please also take care of your belongings during your travel here as there has been much theft reported. (belongings 随身物品)
A more challenging format id to interview several applicants at the same time and then break the group down into teams and chanllenge their communication and problem solving skills. (break...down 分解)
Water shortage affects people's lives and has led to production shortages, all of which call for immediate action.  (call for 要求)
When you first get here, we could plan a camping trip with some of my classmates. (camping trip 野外宿营的旅行)
Caring for pets gives children a sense of responsibilty. (care for 照顾,照看)
Almost every day newspapers carry articles pertaining to fake commodities.  (carry article 登载文章)
There are magazines catering to different tastes and interests such as economics, sports, etc. (cater to 满足...的需求)
Banks can provide loans to students without collateral for those who need them. (collateral 担保,抵押)
Since the adoption of a reform and open policy, jobhopping has become a common practice, particularly among young people.  (common practice 司空见惯的,普通的事)
It is my opinion that extensive and selective readings are compatible and a combination. (compatible 和谐的,一致的)
Because scholarships are competitive, they are not avaliable to everyone. (competitive 有竞争力的)
The students have just completed their courses and start to prepare for final exams. (complete 完成,结束)
Corn was still an important component of the export trade. (component (组成)部分)
Everyone needs to make efforts to conserve water. (conserve 节约,节省(电,水和能源等)
The educational system id comphehensive, overing primary, secondary, higher, professional, and continuing education.  (continuing education 继续教育)
Firstly,they believe people do not have time to read material outside of those related to course work. (course work 专业课程)
During the week people are busy and often feel dead tired after work. (dead tired = very tired)
A lot of painkillers are basically the same, differing .ly in the cost. (differing 不同的,对立的)
They get to know each other to make educated decisions. (educated 有根据的,有见解的)
The study encompasses the social, political, and economics aspects of the situation. (encompass 包含,包括)
Hobbies can enriches our lives greatly as long as we are able to manage our time. (enrich 使丰富)
The visit to China gave them exposure to Chinese. (exposure 经历,经验)
As a result, DOTA is becoming popular and even fashionable. (fashionable 时尚的)
They are afraid their relatives or friends will feel hurt and think badly of them. (feel hurt 受到伤害)
This situation is changing and students must now finance their own education. (finance 负担经费)
There is a fit between Mr.Steven and the work.  (fit 适合)
Every student should focus . good study habits. (focus . 集中精力)
History books teach us about our forefathers. (forefather 祖先)
Previously in China, a university education was funded by the government. (fund 为...提供资金)
In additon, governments were able to allocate more funds toward national health affairs. (funds 基金)
Many people are interested in the Internet because they can communicate directly with other people and gain access to worldwide information sources. (gain access to 成功进入某地,接触到某事物)
Many people still have a hard time saying "NO". (have a hard time 感到为难)
One should face failure head . and not get discouraged. (head . 做副词,表示面对问题不回避)
The radio announcement said that the fugitive was headed to our town.  (head to 去...)
My management experience served to highlight my deficiencies my particularly in accounting. (highlight 突出)
Pollution has held back the further development od mankind. (hold back 阻止,妨碍)

Such research practices based . scientific principles impressed me. (impress 征服,打动)
Young people in general seem more prone to job hop. (in general 一般来说  job hop 跳槽)
In the end, it is better to refuse to lend money to people with problems such as gambling or alcoholism. (in the end 最后)
People also see advertisements . TV informing them of products and services. (inform sb. of sth. 使...知道...)
Parents are a source for college funding, as is the case with the most students. (as is the case with 同样的情况)
It is a great feeling to put different ingredients together and create a delicious dish. (it is a great feeling 非常愉快的感觉)
Smoking jeopardizes your health. (jeopardize = put at a risk 危害)
Nowadays, landing a job is far from a sure thing even if .e hold a university degree. (land a job 找到工作)
Reading extensively not .ly enhances .e's knowledge , but also can lead to new ideas. (lead to a new ideas 产生新的想法)
Many Chinese learned of the "September 11th" incident . CCTV within .e hour after it happened. (learn of 了解到,知道)
One should view failure as a learing experience. (learning experience 学习经历)
Travel is a good way to spend .e's leisure time. (leisure 业余时间,闲暇时间)
Research shows that mostlung cancer sufferers are smokers. However, these has been no medical research directly linking smoking to the disease. (link to 把...通...联系起来)
It is the students of China who should take advantages of these new opportunities to make sure country more prosperous and to increase the living standard of Chinese. (living standard 生活水平)
They believe that ads sometimes give comsumers false or misleading information. (misleading 误导的)
The effect is a general mistrust among consumers toward sellers and the free market in general. (mistrust 不信任)
The first appearence more often than not will determine the applicants fate. (more often than not 时常,经常)
There is no doubt that TV has greatly influenced our lives and way we live. (no doubt 毫无疑问)
As a general rule, people like to help each other, but there are occasions when you shouldn't hesitate to say "NO". (occasion 情况)
In cities as Beijing and Shanghai, there are part-time job opportunities for students both . and off campus. (on and off 内外,上下)
The Internet has also changed global commerce as comsumers can order and pay for commodities .lilne. (online 在线的)
No matter what the outcome of negotiations, our reform and opening up will go .. (opening up 开放)
More and more students are opting to take a second foreign language. (opt 选择)
Those who are not fond of traveling consider it costly and out of reach for the average person. (out of reach 够不着的,负担不起的)
I think the advantages of underground cities outweight the disadvantages and building underground cities is a way to solve the problem of overcrowding. (overweight 在重量或价值上超过)
In some cases overindulgence in sweets can lead to poor health. (onerindulgence = too much)
The bicycle is easy to park and cheaper than a car. (park 停车,不只是汽车,自行车都行)
I have to manage the particulars of everyday life when I was alone. (particulars 细节)
Reading the novels is a favorite pastime because of the vivid de.ions and plots. (pastime 消遣,打发时光)
He hold that he had to alternative but to pedal fast. (pedal 骑自行车)
Good study habits are essiential if .e wants to perform well. (perform 是万能词汇,用来避免用词重复,这里perform = study)
He published a volume of poems pertaining to the life of Christ. (pertaining to = related to 有关)
One example of a time to say "no" is when a child keep pestering you for sweets, soda, or a new toy. (pester 纠缠)
It seems pretty to adopt a hostile attitude toward fast food. (pretty 没有必要的,琐碎的)
Beacuse natural resources are limited, a growing popular population places a strain . these resources. (place a strain . 对...造成压力)
The pr.ence of fake commodities is a problem in our society. (pr.ence 旅行)
Job prospects for undergraduates don't look good. (prospects 前途,前景)
Some believe it is a waste of time to sit for the CET-6 because they have already passed the CET-4, which entitles them to graduate with a degree provided other requirements ara met. (provided 假设)
One suggestion is to encourage people to take public transport and for transportation authorities to learn from the transportation infrastructure built in developed countries. (public transport 公共交通工具)
Leadership is the special quality, which enables people to stand up and pull the rest of us over the horizon. (quality 品格,素质)
They point out that it is a good way to spend quality time with .e's family. (quality time 全身心投入自己喜欢的人或事)
There are several possible ways to raise the money to pay for and tuition. (raise the money 筹款)
What do you think of my recommendations ? (recommendation 建议)
China is referred to as a kingdom of bicycles. (refer to 谈及,指的是)
However, living standards and health conditons of people in developing countries remian unsatisfactory. (reamin = keep 保持)
Failure to pass the drug test will result in job dismissal. (result in 导致)
Secondly, the authorities do not have the right experience or resources to efficiently deal with the problem. (right 恰当的,合适的)
There area many senic spots in the suburbs. (senic spots 旅游景点)
Mike's score of 95 had won him the bronze medal. (score 强调成绩的具体分数,grade强调的是级别)
Try to set aside some time each day for exercise. (set aside = leave 留出)
Many graduating students set out to change the society around them, but ended up being changed by it. (set out to = determinded to do 准备做)
She was inclined to be silent; she shrank from expressing herself even in talk, let alone writing. (shrink from = avoid 避免,逃避)
A similar situation may arise when a vital energy source, such as petroleum. falls into short supply. (situation may arise 出现...的情况)
Some people stay at the same job for their whole lives. (stay at the same time 一直从事一种工作)
The increased costs will certainly strain our finances. (strain 加大难度,增加困难)
Experts are needed in particular fields, which require they read extensively . specific subject matter. (subject matter 主题)
Based . my experience, whether or not you take . a second foreign language depends . your situation. (take . 从事)
We will have to take out a loan to pay the bills this month. (take out a loan = apply for a loan 申请贷款)
The reason behind the crackdown is that corruption is contrary to rule and will erode the government's effectiveness if measures are not taken. (the reason behind 真正的原因,背后的原因)
The reverse is actually the case. (the reverse = the opposite 反过来)
In summary, personal computer has become a part of every family's life throughout the world.(in summary = to summarize 总之)
Today,many cities suffer from traffic congestion and air and noise pollution. (traffic congestion 宏观上的交通拥堵现象,traffic jam 是指堵车时汽车排长队走不动的现象)
Human history turned a new page with the invention of Internet. (turn a new page 翻开新的一页)
They are often too busy, or too tired to cook and as a result, turn to fast food. (turn to 转向,求助于)
Dota has recently rushed into China and gained popularity among the young. (gain popularity 获得流行)
People sell fake commodities to make a quick profit which undermine the economy. (undermine = destory 破坏)
Civil servants are often underpaid, which leads them more apt to abuse their positon. (underpaid 薪酬不高)
The club is a great place to get fit and unwind. (unwind 放松)
It's up to the travel companies to warn costomers of any possible dangers. (up to 是...的责任,取决于)
Are you going to visit me for the upcoming holiday ? (upcoming 即将到来的)
Hobbies vary from person to person based . educational background, income values and interests. (vary from = differ from 不同)
The popularity of computer lies in its versatility such as typing, editing, playing VCDs and DVDs, programming and storing information. (versatility 多功能性)
My ability to interact well with and acquire support from individuals groups demonstrates my well-rounded and sociable nature. (well-rounded = versatile 全面的,多才多艺的)
Whether or not eighteen-year-olds should be allowed to vote was in debate for a long time. (whether or not 是否)
If you have any special problems, please do not hesitate to contact me. (hesitate to do 犹豫)
This is no parking-zone. (zone 为特别目的建立的地区,一般用area)
This multinational company has offices in over 35 countries worldwide. (worldwide = all round the world 全世界范围内的)