越來越多的 irc channel 慢慢的移到 上了
且很多 channels 也已經改用 UTF-8 而不是 Big5 編碼了
Debian 中文 Wiki: IRC
irssi UTF-8 Big5 中文轉換與設定
freenode FAQ
freenode IRC Servers
freenode channels list

freenode 上的 ChanServ and NickServ 常駐機器人的用法:

-ChanServ- /msg ChanServ help <command>.
-ChanServ- REGISTER Register a channel
-ChanServ- DROP Cancel the registration of a channel
-ChanServ- IDENTIFY Identify yourself with your password
-ChanServ- SET Set various channel options
-ChanServ- ACCESS Modify the list of privileged users
-ChanServ- AUTOREM Maintain the AutoRemove list
-ChanServ- LEVEL Change the level required for functions
-ChanServ- LIST Display list of channels matching a pattern
-ChanServ- INFO Display information for a channel
-ChanServ- INVITE Invite yourself to a channel
-ChanServ- OP Op yourself on a channel
-ChanServ- VOICE Voice yourself on a channel
-ChanServ- UNBAN Unban yourself on a channel
-ChanServ- CLEAR Clear various channel modes

-NickServ- /msg NickServ help <command>.
-NickServ- REGISTER Register a nickname
-NickServ- DROP Cancel the registration of a nickname
-NickServ- IDENTIFY Identify yourself with your password
-NickServ- ACCESS Modify the list of authorized addresses
-NickServ- SET Set various options for your nickname
-NickServ- LIST Display list of nicks matching a pattern
-NickServ- RECOVER Kill another user who has taken your nick
-NickServ- RELEASE Regain custody of your nick after RECOVER
-NickServ- GHOST Kill a ghosted nickname
-NickServ- INFO Get information for a nickname
-NickServ- LINK Link your nickname to another
-NickServ- UNLINK UnLink your nickname

使用 irssi 連上 freenode 並改用 utf-8 編碼

$ irssi -c -n candyz0416
[(status)] /join #candyz
[#candyz] /charset utf-8

註冊 nickname

[#candyz] /msg NickServ REGISTER password
[#candyz] /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password

註冊 channel

[#candyz] /msg ChanServ REGISTER #candyz password
[#candyz] /msg ChanServ IDENTIFY #candyz password
[#candyz] /msg ChanServ ACCESS #candyz list
[#candyz] /msg ChanServ LEVEL #candyz list

自動取得 op

[#candyz] /msg ChanServ OP #candyz

查看 channel 的 INFO

[#candyz] /msg ChanServ INFO #candyz

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