bash tab-completion for git, cogito and stg

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n.b. On 2006-04-24, I changed the recommended repository location. If you are having trouble getting updates, you should try the new location:

Here is some code that I have stolen from Blaisorblade and added to, implementing tab-completion for git, cogito and stacked git.

It is by no means complete, and extra stuff to go in is gladly accepted.


To get the latest, type:

cg clone
cd gitcompletion
source all-compl

The repository is also available for .

RPMs at:

Debian packages at:

License: GPLv2

The cogito-relevant portions of this are included (by manual sync) in the official Cogito tree, so you probably do not need to download it from here again if you just want reasonably-recent cogito-only completion.


I welcome any feedback (positive or negative or even just to say that you actually downloaded and used it...):