Fan 11.2011
Daily English
Ambience           气氛                    irritated           恼怒的,生气的
Annoyance         烦恼                    push   n.推,推动,奋发,进取心
Push-and-pull     拔河                              v.逼迫,增加,努力争取
Vision              n.视力,视觉,眼力,想像力          pull   v.拖,拉
                      v.梦见,想象,显示                               n.拉,拖,牵引力
upset            v.颠覆,推翻,扰乱,便不适            n.翻倒,混乱
weight          重力,重量,分量,砝码,负担,势力
definitely      adv.明确地,干脆地               bookcase       书架,书柜
cupboard      食橱,碗碟橱                       stair            楼梯
stuff                  n.食料,材料,素材资料           pub       酒馆,客栈
A good first impression is very important in meeting people.A proper greeting is clearly essential to a good first impression.This is especially true when dealing with people from another culture.If you can use the right greeting,with the right accent,it tells people that you have made an effort to learn their language.You will often find that this effort will be appreciated.
It’s a pleasure to meet you.很高兴见到你。
I’m pleased to meet you.非常高兴见到你。
I don’t believe we’ve met.我想我们以前没见过面。
We haven’t met.我们没有见过面。                     
What’s up?                       最近在忙什么?
What's going on?               最近在忙什么?
How’s it going?                 近来好吗?   How are you doing?
Coumputer English
Variant       变形,变种,异体    adj.不同的,多样的
Invent        发明                   strictly        严格地,确实地,完全地  
Significantly          有意义的,大大的
Trick           技巧,窍门                      unfavourably      不利地
Compare     比较                      independent           独立的,无关地
Foucs         焦点,集中点          interface     接口,界面
Spreadsheet          电子表格      paycheck       账单
End-user      最终用户               lay             放、安排,布置
To lay out   编制                    assign    分配,指定,赋予
Scene        布景,情景,现场,场面            gap         鸿沟,沟