Speaking good English isn't difficult if you are ready to spend time on it and have more patience. In order to make it all you have to do is conquer some 200-300 sentence patterns and about 2000 words. This is absolutely not nonsense. If you read any situational English book and try to collect all the useful words and sentence patterns from it, you'll know what I am saying here is definitely correct!

Like I said, all you have to do is spend time on it and have patience and your learning habit need to be changed a little bit. Once you decide to do so, keep stick to it and you'll succeed in not time!

My advice here goes: A situational English book with tapes is the end solution for your conquering oral English and with no extra cost anymore. It can help you with your pronunciation and let you have the sense you need when you speak English. Furthermore you can have all the practical sentence patterns and vocabularies together.

Using it is one of the most important rules which you need to bear in mind.
I never doubt that you can remember ten or more sentences a day, but without using it, it's not yours. And you'll forget it soon as time goes.

Writing daily journal or participating in some topic is a good way to practice English. Writing means a lot, I think, because it allows you enough time to think. You won't have this in real situation. I am sure that you can talk whatever you can write. Because the source is the same.