Today I learn the LInux comands . here is 26 of them.

1. useradd  ---   add user for the system.  

    eg: useradd DenoFiend

2.passwd  ---   chang the password of user

    eg: passwd DenoFiend   ---   hang the current user.

   eg: su root

4.shutdown  ---   shut down the Linux System.

   eg: shutdown

5. cp  ---  copy the file.

   eg: cp edu.sql /home   ---  move the file.

   eg: mv edu.sql /home

7.rm  ---  remoe the file.

  eg:  rm -r / -f / -rf   edu.sql

8.mkdir   ---   make the directory.

  eg: mkdir zab08   ---   change the directory.

  eg: cd /user/local

10. pwd   ---  print name of current/working directory

 eg: pwd ---  list directory contents.

 eg: ls /

12. tar  ---  saves many files together into a single tape or disk archive, and can restore individula files from the archive.

   eg: tar -cf archive.tar foo bar   //  create archive.tar from files foo and bar.

         tar -tvf/ -xf

13.unzip  ---  list, test and extract compressed files in a ZIP archive.

   eg: upzip

14.chmod  ---   change file mod bits.  ten bits for a file mod. see detail use command: man chmod.

  eg:chmod +x test.cpp

15.df  ---  report file sysytem disk space usage.

  eg: df /hom

16.du   ---  estimate file space usage.

   eg: du /home

17. ifconfig  ---   config a network interface.

    eg: ifconfig eth0

18. netstat  --- print network connenctions, routing tables, interface statistics, masquerade connections, and muliticast memberships.

   eg: netstat

19 rpm  ---  RPM Package Manager, to install soft.

   eg: rmp - e gcc

20. mount ---  mount a filesystem

   eg: mount /dev/fd /mnt

21. find ---  search for files in a driectory hierarchy.

  eg: find ./ -name help

22. grep --- print lines matching a pattern

  eg: grep "file" ./ -rn

23. top --- display Linux tasks.

   eg: top

24. ps --- report a snapshot of the current processes.

  eg: ps

25. kill --- terminate a process

  eg: kill 2513

26. man --- format and display the on-line manual pages.

  eg: man man


Too many commands in Linux, we can use the man command to study them.