Status Codes

Code Description
A Alignment errors.LAN-3710A: OAM packet.
C CRC error with valid packet sizes.
D Data integrity error.
E Framing error.
F IP frame.
I Subminimum interframe gap (gap is lower than the allowable gap for the physical medium).
J Jumbo frame.
K IP checksum.
L Collision.
M Packet contains Data Integrity marker.
Mpls MPLS tagged frame.
N IP Options (Record Route) enabled.
O Oversize packet (greater than 1518 bytes or 1522 bytes with VLAN tag).
P Pause frame.
R L3-6705/L3-6710: Receive overrun. Received packet is too large for buffer and packet is truncated to fit buffer.GX-1405, LAN-3200, LAN-3201B, XLW-3720A/3721A, POS Modules: Run disparity (8B10B encoding error).LAN-3100: ARP.
S Packet contains a Signature field (Layer 3).
T Packet met trigger criteria.
U Undersize packet less than 64 bytes.
V Packet contains a VLAN tag.