Red Hat Storage Software Appliance

Red Hat's Alternative to Costly Proprietary Storage
Paying too much for proprietary storage but worried open source, software-based storage can't match its performance? Think again.
High-performance Storage That Grows With You
Red Hat® Storage Software Appliance is a software-based, scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) appliance. Deploy it in minutes for scalable, high-performance storage in your datacenter or on-premises private cloud. Add compute, I/O, or storage as needed to meet changing capacity and performance needs—without disrupting data access.
Red Hat® Storage Software Appliance是一个基于软件的,可扩展的NAS设备.可以在数分钟之内在数据中心或者私有云里面部署一个可扩展高性能的存储.可以在不中断数据访问的情况下增加计算,I/O和存储能力来满足变化的容量和性能需求.
Red Hat Storage Software Appliance combines reliable Red Hat software with x86 commodity hardware, eliminating the need for high-cost proprietary storage systems. No more lock-in. Better return on your investment. And you can deploy exactly what you need, when you need it.
Red Hat Storage Software Appliance Features and Benefits
High availability and local recovery with synchronous n-way file replication
通过同步的n-way 文件复制提供高可用性和本地恢复能力
Resilience across datacenters with asynchronous geo-replication
Better performance at a fraction of the cost of monolithic storage systems, with our greater-than-petabyte capacity with linear scalability
Thin provisioning and flexible, elastic deployment
Simplified management of a global storage pool
Network protocol support, including Network File System (NFS), Common Internet File System (CIFS), and native GlusterFS (similar to pNFS)
多网络协议支持,如NFS,CIFS,native GlusterFS (similar to pNFS)
Deployment in minutes and full POSIX compliance, requiring no application changes
Delivered as an ISO p_w_picpath that you can deploy on Red Hat Storage Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)-certified servers and storage