AP 提示“packet to client mac reached max retries removing the client”错误解决方案。

Explanation   This error message indicates that the access point attempts to poll the client a certain number of times, but does not receive a response. Therefore, the client is removed from the association table. This issue is commonly seen when the client and access point are attempting to communicate in a noisy RF environment.

Recommended Action   To resolve this issue, run a carrier busy test on the access point to determine if there is excessive noise in the radio channel spectrum. Attempt to alleviate any unwanted noise.

If there are several access points in the same area, there might be overlapping the channel signals or possibly other wireless device in the area. Change the access point channel to one of the non-overlapping channels using the access point GUI. Under Network Interfaces, select Radio-802.11. There are three non-overlapping channels: 1, 6, and 11.

Configuring the Maximum Data Retries

The maximum data retries setting determines the number of attempts the access point/bridge makes to send a packet before giving up and dropping the packet.

The default setting is 32. Beginning in privileged EXEC mode, follow these steps to configure the maximum data retries:



Step 1

configure terminal

Enter global configuration mode.

Step 2

interface dot11radio 0

Enter interface configuration mode for the radio interface.

Step 3

packet retriesvalue |drop-packet

Set the maximum data retries. Enter a setting from 1 to 128.

Use the drop-packet command to maintain association and drop the packets when the maximum retry value is reached.

Step 4


Return to privileged EXEC mode.

Step 5

copy running-config startup-config

(Optional) Save your entries in the configuration file.

Use the no form of the command to reset the setting to defaults.