The sentences about first meet and introduce Myself:
l   Hi, this is Wuxing, nice to meet you!    Here is my name card.
l   Hi, you must be Dr. Wang, nice to meet you!
l   How are you going, Mr. Zhang.
Introduce others:
l   He just joins the Network Security Management Group today and is our new co-worker.
l   He is your team leader and you just talk to him when necessary.
l   My boss is thoughtful, decisive, open-minded, and career-oriented. Thats why I have been working here for so many years.
  • Based on his outsourcing experience, he will be in charge of oversees operations. It's the chance of make or break for the outsourcing business.
  • Our CTO possesses solid software testing experiences and that's why he still holds the position after so many head count changes.