Join Domain Tool
Here is a utility to help users joining a computer to an Active Directory domain. It provides similiar functionality to the netdom.exe utility in that it was designed to allow you to specify an OU (organizational unit) when you're joining the domain.
In our enviroment we have a well structured list of organizational units. The workstation objects should all be placed in the OU where the user object resides. However as the default join places the computers in the "Computers" container technicians can sometimes forget to move the workstation object to it's proper destination.
Join Domain Tool_职场
Latest version of AutoIT with COM Support
(AutoIT is a small VBScript like lanaguage. It was used in this project as a test and to sample the easy GUI controls it offers.)
Download the Utility:
Download JoinDomain.au3
1. Download and install the latest beta of AutoIt
2. Download JoinDomain.au3
3. Edit JoinDomain.au3 in a text editor and change the following lines:
$adDefaultContext = "DC=DOMAIN,DC=COM"
$adDomainController = ""
$adDomain = "DOMAIN"
$adUsername = ""
$adPassword = ""
(If you leave the username and password variable blank, you will be prompted for these each time you run the program)
4. Right click on JoinDomain.au3 and choose "Compile Script"
5. Distribute resulting JoinDomain.exe to your technicians or deploy on corporate p_w_picpath