In our fast-paced global business environment, effective collaboration is the key to success.


Wherever they are located, people need to work together, share ideas, and exchange information.


Microsoft Unified Communications offers a convenient,in-context experience for e-mail, calendaring, instant messaging, voicemail, telephony, video and Web conferencing.


By using today's Unified Communications platform, including Microsoft?Office Live Communications Server, Live Meeting, Communicator, Exchange Server and Outlook,companies can now take advantage of this trustworthy, integrated communications environment. Let's take a look at Unified Communications in action


Office Communictions Server, Communicator, LiveMeeting, Exchange Server, Oulook...



// Module 1
//电话转邮件,即时信息转移动消息,文件放团队站点,共享到LiveMeeting etc...

Carlos, a sales manager at Contoso, is preparing for an upcoming meeting with his local and remote sales team. 

In order to work without interruption, Carlos sets his presence status in Microsoft Office Communicator to Do Not Disturb.

Now, his incoming phone calls will automatically go to voicemail. With Microsoft Exchange Server unified messaging and PBX integration, Carlos can listen to his voicemail messages in his Microsoft Office Outlook e-mail. As Carlos is putting the finishing touches on his presentation, he sees a pop-up alert showing an incoming call from his manager, Don Hall, going straight to voicemail.  Since he knows Don would only be calling with important information, Carlos immediately opens and plays the message.

With Communicator and Live Communications Server, along with Exchange Server, Carlos can easily see if his colleagues are online. Carlos searches for Jeune and sees her Out of Office note indicating she is on the road, but is available by mobile phone.

Carlos sends Jeune an instant message.  She sees the message on her mobile phone with Office Communicator Mobile. They discuss the account, and Carlos sends Jeune a link to the presentation conveniently hosted on a Microsoft Office SharePoint team site.  Jeune is able to instantly add a slide about the sale.

Carlos is able to quickly drag and drop the updated Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation into his Live Meeting virtual conference room

Throughout the presentation, Carlos leverages integrated audio conferencing. This gives him control of all the audio and visual aspects of the meeting.

Using Microsoft Unified Communications software and services, Carlos is able to stay up-to-date with his team no matter where people are located.&

// Module 2
//即时消息转音视频通话,更新转到LiveMeeting, 电话通过Communicator转到手机 etc..

Marie, a mobile project manager at Contoso, is working from one of her company's regional offices. She is updating a financial analysis for London-based, Northwind Traders, her main client and has an immediate question.

She can see her manager Roberto, is online and available, just by hovering over his name.

This presence visibility is integrated throughout the entire Microsoft Office System to enable teams to communicate by phone, IM, or email in real time.

Marie opens an instant message conversation with Roberto. To quickly share more details, Roberto escalates the discussion to voice and video within Microsoft Office Communicator.

With her questions answered, Marie then decides to review the updated spreadsheet with other members of the project team. Marie uses the Meet Now feature to instantly launch a Microsoft Office Live Meeting directly from Excel. The meeting is immediately entered into Marie's Outlook calendar and an email invitation is sent out with the Live Meeting service.

Microsoft Office users have the ability to start an online meeting from any Office program, including Excel, PowerPoint Word and Outlook.With the team's feedback, Marie is able to finish the analysis on time.

Thanks to Exchange Server, Marie's presence indicator automatically changes to online when the meeting is over.

Jim, her client from Northwind Traders, can see she is now available because their companies have set up federation through Live Communications Server.

He sends her an instant message to see how the analysis is coming along.

Marie is notified of an incoming call through Communicator's integration with her company's telephone system, and she easily diverts the call to her mobile phone.

This flexibility allows her to continue her IM conversation with Jim, while remaining responsive to another team member.

With Microsoft Unified Communications software and services, Marie is able to remain effective, with constant access to co-workers and business partners, while working from a mobile location.&

// Module 3
//广播LiveMeeting, 录制LiveMeeting, Communicator Web Access, 与外部沟通软件MSN, YAHOO, AOL等沟通 etc...

Stephan, the human resources manager at Contoso, is running a training session on a new benefits plan. Because employees are widely distributed in remote offices and on the road, Stephan needs his training to be easily accessible during the event and for those unable to attend.

Stephan uses Microsoft Office Live Meeting with Internet audio broadcasts so that attendees can listen to the training session through their computer.

The session is also being recorded for future access by new employees and those unable to attend the live session.

On the other side of the globe, John, a sales representative, is traveling to a customer location.

His travel plans conflicted with the benefits training event, but he is eager to learn the details.

At the airport, John uses Microsoft Office Communicator Web Access and sees Stephan is free.

John asks about the event and Stephan sends him a link to the recorded session, including fully synchronized audio and visuals.

John is thanking Stephan for the information, when he notices his client Marco is also online.

Using Office Communicator, John can connect with co-workers in his own organization and communicate with people using public IM networks such as MSN, AOL, and Yahoo.

Marco, for example, uses MSN Messenger. John quickly sends him an IM regarding a sales proposal they will be discussing in person.

Marco confirms the time and location of their upcoming meeting.

With Microsoft Unified Communications software and services, John can easily stay connected to partners, clients and important office events while on the road,

and Stephan ensures his employees get access to consistent, on-demand information.

// Conclusion
// Microsoft统一沟通的构想,使您能够通过电子邮件,即时沟通,语音,数据,视频和WEB音频/视频会议进行丰富,直观,无缝地沟通;Microsoft为您提供一个可靠,灵活和集成的软件平台,使您可以方便快捷地与他人进行沟通,并可以方便快捷地介入应用程序与复杂的业务流程。

The Microsoft vision for Unified Communications enables you to deliver rich, intuitive and seamless communications across e-mail, IM, voice, data, video and Web conferencing.

Microsoft offers you a trustworthy, flexible and integrated software platform to quickly and easily connect people, applications and complex business processes.

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