ios14怎么添加widget模式 ios14怎么添加页面_ios14怎么添加widget模式


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The iPhone gets powerful home screen widgets in iOS 14, but the iPad doesn’t get the same powers with iPadOS 14. No matter: There’s still a way to place widgets on your iPad’s home screen.

iPhone在iOS 14中获得了功能强大的主屏幕小部件 ,但iPad无法获得与iPadOS 14相同的功能。 没关系:仍然有一种方法可以将小部件放置在iPad的主屏幕上。

Apple may one day add the iPhone’s powerful home screen widgets to the iPad home screen in a future update to iPadOS. For now, there’s a workaround: You can place the widgets in Today View and keep a widget area on your Home screen in landscape mode. Here’s how to set it up.

苹果可能会在未来对iPadOS的更新中,将iPhone功能强大的主屏幕小部件添加到iPad主屏幕中。 目前,有一个解决方法:您可以将小部件放置在“今日视图”中,并在横向模式下将小部件区域保留在主屏幕上。 设置方法如下。

First, open “Settings” by tapping the gray gear icon.


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In Settings, navigate to “Home Screen & Dock.” In the “App Icons” section, place a check mark beside the “More” option. (If “Bigger” is selected, you won’t be able to place the Today View on your Home screen.)

在“设置”中,导航到“主屏幕和扩展坞”。 在“应用程序图标”部分中,在“更多”选项旁边放置一个复选标记。 (如果选择“更大”,则将无法在“主屏幕”上放置“今日视图”。)

After that, flip the switch beside “Keep Today View On Home Screen” to turn it on. This will allow you to place widgets within the Today View on your Home screen.

之后,翻转“在主屏幕上保留今日视图”旁边的开关以将其打开。 这将使您可以将小部件放置在主屏幕的“今日视图”中。

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After that, return to your Home screen and make sure you’re in landscape mode (with the longest dimension of the iPad oriented left-to-right). You should see the Today View to the left side of the screen, and app icons to the right.

之后,返回到主屏幕,并确保您处于横向模式(iPad的最长尺寸从左到右)。 您应该在屏幕左侧看到“今日视图”,并在右侧看到应用程序图标。

Note that Today View widgets only appear on your Home screen in landscape mode. If you switch to portrait mode, Today View will disappear. (However, you can still reveal Today View with a quick swipe to the right.)

请注意,“今日视图”窗口小部件仅以横向模式显示在主屏幕上。 如果您切换到人像模式,今天视图将消失。 (但是,您仍然可以通过向右快速滑动来显示“今日视图”。)

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To add widgets to Today View, swipe upward in the Today View area until you see an “Edit” button at the bottom of the screen. Tap it.

要将小部件添加到“今日视图”,请在“今日视图”区域中向上滑动,直到在屏幕底部看到“编辑”按钮。 点一下

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The icons will start to wiggle. To add a widget, tap the plus (+) button in the upper-left corner of the screen.

图标将开始摆动。 要添加小部件,请点击屏幕左上角的加号(+)按钮。

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A widget selection panel will appear on the right half of the screen. Using this panel, you can swipe and browse through a list of available widgets. When you’ve found a widget you’d like to add, tap and drag it onto the Today View portion of the screen, then lift your finger.

小部件选择面板将出现在屏幕的右半部分。 使用此面板,您可以在可用小部件列表中滑动和浏览。 找到要添加的小部件后,点击并将其拖动到屏幕的“今日视图”部分,然后松开手指。

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While you’re add it, feel free to add several other widgets and arrange them how you like by dragging them around your screen with your finger. When you’re finished, tap “Done” in the upper-right corner of the screen.

添加完后,您可以随意添加其他几个小部件,并用手指在屏幕上拖动它们来随意排列。 完成后,点击屏幕右上角的“完成”。

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After that, you’re all set! You’ll see the Home Screen as normal again, and the widgets you configured in Today View will be where you expect them.

之后,一切就绪! 您将再次看到正常的主屏幕,并且在“今日视图”中配置的小部件将位于您期望的位置。

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If you change your mind and want to remove certain widgets, just tap the “Edit” button at the bottom of Today View again, then drag the widgets out of the Today View area. Have fun!

如果您改变主意并想删除某些小部件,只需再次点击“今日视图”底部的“编辑”按钮,然后将小部件拖出“今日视图”区域即可。 玩得开心!

We’re hoping a future version of iPadOS gains support for iPhone-style widgets, so you can have a home screen full of widgets instead of app icons, if you like. But, for now, this is the best you can do.

我们希望iPadOS的未来版本能够支持iPhone样式的小部件,因此,您可以根据需要在主屏幕上装满小部件而不是应用程序图标。 但是,目前,这是您可以做的最好的事情。