万事在于理解,技术研究贵在入脑入心.生活很苦,乐趣何在,在于君心?不能修心,则诸事繁杂!闲来无事,阅读官网文档遇此 two Why selecter?因此分享给亲们!亲,那么我们一起开始吧!

  1.eucalyptus 云定位:-->Open Source AWS(Amazon Web Services,the world's leading public cloud provider) Compatible private cloud,blend companies public and private cloud resource,主要提供IAAS基础设施即服务的私有云服务.

 Why select eucalyptus?

a, hybrid cloud simplified,DELL has partnered with eucalyptus to offer affordable,easy-to-manager hybrid-clouds-solutions AWS-compatible clouds help innovators AppDynamics MemSql improve agility lower costs;

b, easy to manage!-->spend more time innovating and less time managing your cloud infrastructure,Cloud-in-a-box solutions from dell and eucalyptus can be deployed in a day and include management and operational tools for administratering both public and private cloud resource.

c, affordable!-->Public cloud users know that monthly spend can grow unexpectedly出乎意料 large and alarmingly惊人 fast. Eucalyptus and Dell offer cloud solutions with higher performance and greater control without hurting your wallet. Eucalyptus users have cut cloud spending by as much as 50%, reduced data center spend by two-thirds, and will typically see a return on investment in just 3 months.

d, AWS compatible,与现有工业标准public cloud领航者API compatible and blend!-->with insdutry-leading API compatible with amazon web services,eucalyptus is the de facto private cloud reference implementation for AWS.Eucalyptus enables companies to blend public and private cloud resources, dynamically moving applications and data to optimize for service level requirements such as price, policy, and performance.

e, flexible,弹性,灵活!-->Dell and Eucalyptus have teamed up to meet all of your cloud needs(联手满足不同客户的云需求,默认定位是适当规模的私有云)cloud-in-a-box solutions combine ease of management and capacity with cost savings.For customized, demanding scale-out needs, let us help you build the right solutions based on industry-proven reference architectures工业标准验证的架构.







  1,flexible enterprise cloud made simple(简单弹性企业云);

Why OpenNebule?

 a,simple-->Easy to operate, install and upgrade, with packages for the main Linux distributions.

 b,flexible-->Really open-source and customizable to fit into any data center and policies可定制的适合3任何数据中心及政策需求.

 c,robust-->Production-ready, mature, reliable and commercially supported.

 d,powerful-->Innovative functionality for enterprise clouds and data center virtualization



小记,popular open source cloud platform: OpenStack,cloudstack,Vcloud,Eucalyptus,OpenNebula,who do you choose?