LDAP Authentication 3.2

The LDAP Authentication addon permits users to have the same credentials as in LDAP, so effectively centralizing authentication. Enabling it will let any correctly authenticated LDAP user to use OpenNebula.


This Addon uses the 'net/ldap' ruby library provided by the 'net-ldap' gem.

This Addon will not install any Ldap server or configure it in any way. It will not create, delete or modify any entry in the Ldap server it connects to. The only requirement is the ability to connect to an already running Ldap server and being able to perform a successful ldapbind operation and have a user able to perform searches of users, therefore no special attributes or values are required in the LDIF entry of the user authenticating.


Configuration file for auth module is located at ​​$ONE_LOCATION/etc/auth/ldap_auth.conf​​. This is the default configuration:

# Ldap user able to query, if not set connects as anonymous
#:user: 'admin'
#:password: 'password'
# Ldap authentication method
:auth_method: :simple
# Ldap server
:host: localhost
:port: 389
# base hierarchy where to search for users and groups
:base: 'dc=domain'
# group the users need to belong to. If not set any user will do
:group: 'cn=cloud,ou=groups,dc=domain'
# field that holds the user name, if not set 'cn' will be used
:user_field: 'cn'




Name of the user that can query ldap. Do not set it if you can perform queries anonymously


Password for the user defined in ​​:user​​. Do not set if anonymous access is enabled


Can be set to ​​:simple_tls​​ if ssl connection is needed


Host name of the ldap server


Port of the ldap server


Base leaf where to perform user searches


If set the users need to belong to this group


Field in ldap that holds the user name

To enable ​​ldap​​​ authentication the described parameters should be configured. OpenNebula must be also configured to enable external authentication. Uncomment these lines in ​​$ONE_LOCATION/etc/oned.conf​​​ and add ​​ldap​​​ and ​​default​​ (more on this later) as an enabled authentication method.

executable = "one_auth_mad",
arguments = "--authz quota --authn server_cipher,ldap,default"

To be able to use this driver for users that are still not in the user database you must set it to the ​​default​​​ driver. To do this go to the auth drivers directory and symlink the directory ​​ldap​​​ to ​​default​​. In system-wide installation you can do this using this command:

$ ln -s /var/lib/one/remotes/auth/ldap /var/lib/one/remotes/auth/default

User Management

Using LDAP authentication module the administrator doesn't need to create users with ​​oneuser​​​ command as this will be automatically done. The user should add its credentials to ​​$ONE_AUTH​​​ file (usually ​​$HOME/.one/one_auth​​) in this fashion: