• This is the source code for the paper Arc-support Line Segments Revisited: An Efficient and High-quality Ellipse Detection.
  • The main contribution of the proposed ellipse detector is to both accurately and efficiently detect ellipses in images, which is universally considered as a tough and long-standing problem in ellipse detection field. The proposed ellipse detector owns the features of high localization accuracy, efficiency, robustness, and stability, which comprehensively yields high-quality ellipse detection performance in front of real-world images.
  • There are only two extrinsic parameters, namely the elliptic angular coverage $T_{ac}$ and the ratio of support inliers $T_{r}$, which enables the proposed ellipse detector to be conveniently used and applied in real applications. In addition, the specified_polarity option can help users find the polarity-specific ellipses in the image. The default parameters $T_{ac} = 165^o$ and $T_{r} = 0.6$ are used for comparison experiments in our paper.
  • The source code is free for academic use. Please cite our paper if you use the source code, thanks.