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001  (2021-07-6) DTGAN  Differential Private Training for Tabular GANs


002  (2021-07-4) Auxiliary-Classifier GAN for Malware Analysis


003  (2021-07-4) Certifiably Robust Interpretation via Renyi Differential Privacy


004  (2021-07-2) SPI-GAN  Towards Single-Pixel Imaging through Generative Adversarial Network


005  (2021-07-1) Passing a Non-verbal Turing Test  Evaluating Gesture Animations Generated from Speech


006  (2021-07-1) Reparameterized Sampling for Generative Adversarial Networks


007  (2021-06-30) One-class Steel Detector Using Patch GAN Discriminator for Visualising Anomalous Feature Map


008  (2021-06-30) A Survey on Adversarial Image Synthesis


009  (2021-06-30) ResViT  Residual vision transformers for multi-modal medical image synthesis


010  (2021-06-30) Mutual-GAN  Towards Unsupervised Cross-Weather Adaptation with Mutual Information Constraint


011  (2021-06-29) A Mixed-Supervision Multilevel GAN Framework for Image Quality Enhancement


012  (2021-07-2) Uncertainty-Guided Progressive GANs for Medical Image Translation


013  (2021-06-29) Spiking-GAN  A Spiking Generative Adversarial Network Using Time-To-First-Spike Coding


014  (2021-06-28) Are conditional GANs explicitly conditional 


015  (2021-06-24) GAN-MDF  A Method for Multi-fidelity Data Fusion in Digital Twins


016  (2021-07-2) Non-Exhaustive Learning Using Gaussian Mixture Generative Adversarial Networks


017  (2021-06-27) Learning stochastic object models from medical imaging measurements by use of advanced AmbientGANs


018  (2021-06-27) AI based Presentation Creator With Customized Audio Content Delivery


019  (2021-06-25) Fostering Diversity in Spatial Evolutionary Generative Adversarial Networks


020  (2021-06-25) Basis-MelGAN  Efficient Neural Vocoder Based on Audio Decomposition


021  (2021-06-24) Unsupervised Learning of Depth and Depth-of-Field Effect from Natural Images with Aperture Rendering Generative Adversarial Networks


022  (2021-06-19) A Stealthy and Robust Fingerprinting Scheme for Generative Models


023  (2021-06-22) Particle Cloud Generation with Message Passing Generative Adversarial Networks


024  (2021-06-21) FDeblur-GAN  Fingerprint Deblurring using Generative Adversarial Network


025  (2021-06-18) World-GAN  a Generative Model for Minecraft Worlds


026  (2021-06-18) Novelty Detection via Contrastive Learning with Negative Data Augmentation


027  (2021-06-18) Evolving GANs  When Contradictions Turn into Compliance


028  (2021-06-18) A Unified Generative Adversarial Network Training via Self-Labeling and Self-Attention


029  (2021-06-17) Deep HDR Hallucination for Inverse Tone Mapping


030  (2021-06-17) Class Balancing GAN with a Classifier in the Loop


031  (2021-07-1) A Simple Generative Network


032  (2021-06-16) A Flow-Based Neural Network for Time Domain Speech Enhancement


033  (2021-06-26) Enriching Source Style Transfer in Recognition-Synthesis based Non-Parallel Voice Conversion


034  (2021-06-16) Disentangling Semantic-to-visual Confusion for Zero-shot Learning


035  (2021-06-16) Self-supervised GANs with Label Augmentation


036  (2021-06-16) Compound Frechet Inception Distance for Quality Assessment of GAN Created Images


037  (2021-06-16) Unsupervised-learning-based method for chest MRI-CT transformation using structure constrained unsupervised generative attention networks


038  (2021-06-15) Dynamically Grown Generative Adversarial Networks


039  (2021-06-15) Decentralized Local Stochastic Extra-Gradient for Variational Inequalities


040  (2021-06-15) Perceptually-inspired super-resolution of compressed videos


041  (2021-06-15) Detect and remove watermark in deep neural networks via generative adversarial networks


042  (2021-06-14) Improved Transformer for High-Resolution GANs


043  (2021-06-14) More Real than Real  A Study on Human Visual Perception of Synthetic Faces


044  (2021-07-4) Styleformer  Transformer based Generative Adversarial Networks with Style Vector


045  (2021-06-13) Generation of the NIR spectral Band for Satellite Images with Convolutional Neural Networks


046  (2021-06-15) Game of GANs  Game Theoretical Models for Generative Adversarial Networks


047  (2021-06-13) Do Not Escape From the Manifold  Discovering the Local Coordinates on the Latent Space of GANs


048  (2021-06-13) Multi-modal Scene-compliant User Intention Estimation for Navigation


049  (2021-06-12) A One-Shot Texture-Perceiving Generative Adversarial Network for Unsupervised Surface Inspection


050  (2021-07-6) Generative Adversarial Networks in finance  an overview


051  (2021-06-11) ViT-Inception-GAN for Image Colourising


052  (2021-06-28) A Decentralized Adaptive Momentum Method for Solving a Class of Min-Max Optimization Problems


053  (2021-06-10) A self-adapting super-resolution structures framework for automatic design of GAN


054  (2021-06-7) Learning Functional Priors and Posteriors from Data and Physics


055  (2021-06-10) Quantized Conditional COT-GAN for Video Prediction


056  (2021-06-10) A Neural Tangent Kernel Perspective of GANs


057  (2021-06-10) Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction Based on Self-Calibrated Convolutional GAN


058  (2021-06-11) Adversarial Option-Aware Hierarchical Imitation Learning


059  (2021-06-9) Match What Matters  Generative Implicit Feature Replay for Continual Learning


060  (2021-06-9) Stein Latent Optimization for GANs


061  (2021-06-9) A multi-stage GAN for multi-organ chest X-ray image generation and segmentation


062  (2021-06-8) Data-Efficient Instance Generation from Instance Discrimination


063  (2021-06-8) Low-Rank Subspaces in GANs


064  (2021-06-16) A Synchronized Reprojection-based Model for 3D Human Pose Estimation


065  (2021-06-8) On the use of automatically generated synthetic image datasets for benchmarking face recognition


066  (2021-06-8) Seismic Inverse Modeling Method based on Generative Adversarial Network


067  (2021-06-8) EnMcGAN  Adversarial Ensemble Learning for 3D Complete Renal Structures Segmentation


068  (2021-06-7) Intrinsic Dimension Estimation


069  (2021-06-7) Cosmic Voids in Generated N-body Simulations


070  (2021-06-7) Double Descent and Other Interpolation Phenomena in GANs


071  (2021-06-7) High Resolution Solar Image Generation using Generative Adversarial Networks


072  (2021-06-7) Generative Adversarial Networks  A Survey Towards Private and Secure Applications


073  (2021-06-1) Synthesis of standard 12-lead electrocardiograms using two dimensional generative adversarial network


074  (2021-06-7) PcDGAN  A Continuous Conditional Diverse Generative Adversarial Network For Inverse Design


075  (2021-06-7) Data Augmentation Methods for End-to-end Speech Recognition on Distant-Talk Scenarios


076  (2021-06-14) Alpha Matte Generation from Single Input for Portrait Matting


077  (2021-06-6) Using GANs to Augment Data for Cloud Image Segmentation Task


078  (2021-06-4) On Perceptual Lossy Compression  The Cost of Perceptual Reconstruction and An Optimal Training Framework


079  (2021-06-4) Forward Super-Resolution  How Can GANs Learn Hierarchical Generative Models for Real-World Distributions


080  (2021-06-4) SOUP-GAN  Super-Resolution MRI Using Generative Adversarial Networks


081  (2021-06-4) The Image Local Autoregressive Transformer


082  (2021-06-4) F-Drop&Match  GANs with a Dead Zone in the High-Frequency Domain


083  (2021-06-4) Temporally coherent video anonymization through GAN inpainting


084  (2021-06-14) Fre-GAN  Adversarial Frequency-consistent Audio Synthesis


085  (2021-06-3) CNNs and GANs in MRI-based cross-modality medical image estimation


086  (2021-06-3) Pathology-Aware Generative Adversarial Networks for Medical Image Augmentation


087  (2021-06-3) Semantic Palette  Guiding Scene Generation with Class Proportions


088  (2021-06-3) Imperceptible Adversarial Examples for Fake Image Detection


089  (2021-06-2) Minimax Optimization with Smooth Algorithmic Adversaries


090  (2021-06-2) Sound-to-Imagination  Unsupervised Crossmodal Translation Using Deep Dense Network Architecture


091  (2021-06-19) Towards Robustness of Text-to-SQL Models against Synonym Substitution


092  (2021-06-1) IID-GAN  an IID Sampling Perspective for Regularizing Mode Collapse


093  (2021-06-1) Adversarial VQA  A New Benchmark for Evaluating the Robustness of VQA Models


094  (2021-05-31) GANs Can Play Lottery Tickets Too


095  (2021-05-31) StarGAN-ZSVC  Towards Zero-Shot Voice Conversion in Low-Resource Contexts


096  (2021-05-31) The use of Generative Adversarial Networks to characterise new physics in multi-lepton final states at the LHC


097  (2021-05-30) Image-to-Video Generation via 3D Facial Dynamics


098  (2021-05-29) Representation Learning in Continuous-Time Score-Based Generative Models


099  (2021-05-28) PTNet  A High-Resolution Infant MRI Synthesizer Based on Transformer


100  (2021-07-1) Discretization Drift in Two-Player Games