1.Because all the classes declared within a module are by definition declared within the lexical scope of the module, it is only logical that the relationship between the module and the classes declared in it is that of an encloser and nested classes.



2.A bytearray is a universal, type-neutral form of data representation, and ILDASM uses it whenever it cannot identify the type associated with the data as one of the elementary types, such as int32.

3.This arrangement eliminates what’s known as DLL Hell, the situation created when upgrading one application renders another application inoperative because both happen to use identically named DLL(s) of different versions.

     这种布局消除了所谓的DLL Hell,该情形创建于当更新一个应用程序生成另一个应用程序不起作用的时候,因为它们都恰巧使用了具有相同名称DLL的不同版本。

4.Using unmanaged pointers in IL is never considered safe (verifiable). Because of the unlimited access that C-style pointer arithmetic gives to anybody for anything, IL code, which has unmanaged pointers dereferenced, is deemed unverifiable and can be run when the code comes from a trusted source (such as a local drive).