Write a function partlist that gives all the ways to divide a list (an array) of at least two elements in two non-empty parts.

  • Each two non empty parts will be in a pair (or an array for languages without tuples)
  • Each part will be in a string
  • Elements of a pair must be in the same order as in the original array.

a = ["az", "toto", "picaro", "zone", "kiwi"]

[[az, toto picaro zone kiwi], [az toto, picaro zone kiwi], [az toto picaro, zone kiwi], [az toto picaro zone, kiwi]]


string[][]  一维数组,数组元素是string[]

string[,]    二维数组,数组元素是string


using System.Linq;

public class PartList
    public static string[][] Partlist(string[] input)
        var output = new string[input.Length - 1][];
        for (int i = 0; i < input.Length - 1; i++)
            var temp = input.ToArray();
            temp[i] = $"{input[i]},";
            output[i] = new[] { string.Join(" ", temp) };
        return output;



int[][]  一维数组,数组元素是int[];这个的行是固定的,但是没有固定的列,是锯齿的

int[,]    二维数组,数组元素是int;二维数组是一个矩阵,行和列是固定的

It's not a 2D array. TileData[][] is a jagged array, TileData[,] is a 2D array then, in your case, GetLength(1) will always fail because tile has only one dimension.