Microsoft Windows Azure SQL Database extends SQL Server capabilities to the cloud. SQL Database offers a relational database service called Microsoft SQL Database, and using Windows Azure SQL Database, you can easily provision and deploy relational database solutions. Benefits include manageability, high availability, scalability, a familiar development model, and a relational data model.

SQL Database is the relational database service on the Windows Azure platform. For more information about the Windows Azure platform, see What is the Windows Azure Platform.

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Topic Description

What's New in Windows Azure SQL Database (formerly SQL Azure)

Describes the features that have been added to the current release of SQL Database.

Backward Compatibility in Windows Azure SQL Database (formerly SQL Azure)

Describes backward compatibility information for SQL Database deprecated features, discontinued features, breaking changes, and behavior changes.

Known Issues in Windows Azure SQL Database

Describes known issues that you may encounter when using SQL Database.

Introducing Windows Azure SQL Database

Provides an overview and describes the key benefits of the service.


Contains tutorials that will help you learn how to use specific features of SQL Database.

Feedback and Community Information (Windows Azure SQL Database)

Describes how you can share your comments and how you can find community information on SQL Database.

Windows Azure Platform Management Portal

Contains introductory information on the Windows Azure Platform Management Portal and Management Portal for SQL Database.

Windows Azure SQL Database Concepts

Describes what SQL Database is and how it works.

Administration (Windows Azure SQL Database)

Describes the SQL Database firewall and common administration tasks including:

  • Managing and migrating databases

  • Copying databases in SQL Database

  • Monitoring and troubleshooting SQL Database

Development (Windows Azure SQL Database)

Provides information on how to develop applications on SQL Database.

Guidelines and Limitations (Windows Azure SQL Database)

Describes the requirements and limitations that are important to consider when using SQL Database.

Management REST API Reference

This reference provides information for working with the SQL Database Management API to programmatically manage SQL Database servers and server-level firewall rules.

Transact-SQL Reference (Windows Azure SQL Database)

Provides reference documentation describing the Transact-SQL that is supported in SQL Database.

Errors and Exceptions Reference (Windows Azure SQL Database)