Schema Break: ListItem/RadioButton change

 It was pointed out to me (a while ago, I"ve just been delaying this email

 for a while) that the RadioButton element is not consistent with the rest of

 the schema.  In fact, it was still following the WiX v1 syntax which is

 really old.  It is also one of the areas where a few ugly bugs live because

 of the old schema format.  The ListItem element was better but still

 slightly off.

 The changes will have ListItem and RadioButton elements used to look like


 <RadioButton X="10" Y="5" Width="380" Height="18"


 And will now look like:

 <RadioButton Value="Complete" X="10" Y="5" Width="380" Height="18"



 <RadioButton Value="Complete" X="10" Y="5" Width="380"

 Height="18"><Text>{\Tahoma10}C&amp;omplete </Text></RadioButton>

 For ListItem"s the Id attribute name is changing to Value.  I plan to check

 this change in tonight (along with many other bug fixes) and the next

 release of the WiX toolset will accept the old syntax but display warnings

 about the deprecated syntax.  A future build (next year) will remove the old

 syntax completely.

 Hopefully, this will be the last schema change (but don"t get your hopes too



让人郁闷的是:<ListItem Id="a">

它会有警告:ID将被Value取代,但写成<ListItem Value="a" >,它又说ID是必须的,加上ID又会有警告。