Which two are true about the Fast Recovery Area (FRA)?

A)It should be larger than the database.

B)Only consistent backups can be stored in the FRA.

C)Space management in the FRA is influenced by the database backup retention policy.

D)It must reside on the same file system as the database data files.

E)A database must be in archivelog mode to use the FRA.

Answer: AC


闪回恢复区(Fast Recovery Area,FRA)是一块可选的磁盘位置,可以用来存储与恢复相关的文件,例如控制文件和联机重做日志副本、归档重做日志文件、闪回日志和 RMAN 备份。Oracle 数据库和RMAN 自动管理快速恢复区域中的文件。可以指定磁盘配额(由参数 DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST_SIZE 决定),这是 FRA 区域的较大大小。Fast Recovery Area 之前称为 Flash Recovery Area,也可称为快速恢复区。从 Oracle 11g R2 开始,Oracle 已经将 flash recovery area 更名为 fast recovery area ,这是为了消除与 flashback database 之间的混淆。 flash 这个词可能会误导人们, 想到它仅仅是用于 flashback 。

排除 only 和 must 选项。