which four are true about the tools used to administer Oracle database?

A)the Data Pump utility can be used to load data from text files.

B)SRVCTL can be used to shut down Oracle instances.

C)SQL* Plus can be used to create databases.

D)SQL*Plus can be used to startup Oracle instances.

E)DBCA can be used to upgrade databases.

F)RMAN can be used to startup Oracle instances.

Answer: BCDF


SRVCTL 命令可以控制 RAC 数据库中的 instance、listener 以及 services。通常 SRVCTL 在 ORACLE 用户下执行。

1、通过 SRVCTL 命令来 start/stop/check 所有的实例:$ srvctl start|stop|status database -d

2、start/stop 指定的实例: $ srvctl start|stop|status instance -d -i

3、列出当前 RAC 下所有数据库: $ srvctl config database -d