68、(29-13)choose two:

Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A) DICTIONARY is a view that contains the names of all the data dictionary views that the user can access.

B) The user SYSTEM owns all the base tables and user-accessible views of the data dictionary.

C) All the dynamic performance views prefixed with v$ are accessible to all the database users.

D) The USER_OBJECTS view can provide information about the tables and views created by the user who queries the view.

E) The USER_SYNONYMS view can provide information about private synonyms.


(解析:A 答案的意思是 dict 包含所有用户能够访问的数据字典视图,但是有些 dba 打头的是普通用户不能访问的。有些人认为 A 是对的,但是说法有漏洞。

B. system 用户是操作系统管理员,sys 才是数据库管理员,数据字典的所有基表和视图都属于 sys 用户。

C. v$为前缀的动态性能视图要有 DBA 权限才能访问。