1.      install Webobjects5.4 (from WebObjects541for10.5.dmg)
  • using HFSExplorer to get WebObjectsDevelopment.pkg, WebObjectsDocumentation.pkg, WebObjectsExamples.pkg and WebObejctRuntime.pkg out
  • extract XXX.pkg files to the new created folders, for example Development, Documentation, Examples and Runtime dir  (find the detail from my blog)
  • create Apple folder under /home/username/
  • install/copy to your own folder, for example
        >cd Runtime
        >cp –r –u * /home/username/Apple/
  • And then do the same in other three dir
  • so under Apple dir you should got Developer, library and System dir, other files could delete.
2.      install Eclipse3.3 download from [url]http://download.eclipse.org/eclipse/downloads/[/url]
3.      install WOLipse plug-in from Eclipse “Help=>Software Updates=>Find and Install”
And more and more fun.

try this:

>for dir in ./*; do cp -r -u $dir/* /home/username/Apple/; done