This is very good example to setup Spring MVC3.0, Maven2 and Tomcat in Eclipse3.5.

you need install Maven version2, m2eclipse, tomcat and the Sysdeo Tomcat plug-in for eclipse.

if you do not have sysdeo, that's fine. Setup Tomcat as your dev server in eclipse. when you run the application, you can check "include Modules" in current project ->Properties->Maven.

maybe this as well

But we're not quite ready yet. You might want bundle your dependencies for the project at deploy time. Meaning that the jar libraries you depend on will get copied over into the WEB-INF/lib folder. Right click your project, and select Properties again. Now go to the "J2EE Module Dependencies" and select what you want bundled.

here is one good artical for this as well

so far so good to learn Spring MVC.

But it's too more complicate than WebObjects, only reason to learn it is for job in JEE.

if it's my project I still want to do web application in webobjects.