恶魔猎手- (英雄,城镇中心)
- At last, we shall have revenge! 终于,我们可以×××了!
- The time has come. ×××
- We must act! 我们必须行动了!
- My blade thirsts 我的刀刃渴望着……
- Quickly! 快!
- Command Me! 命令我吧!
- [思想控制] You are spellbound!*** 你已经着魔了
- [蜕变] Time to raise hell! 呼唤地狱的时刻到了
- [吸魂] Your soul is mine!*** 你的灵魂属于我
- [鬼怪视界] Hide no longer!*** 你无处可藏
- Anatorettador!** 精灵语
- Though I be damned! 就算我是被诅咒的!
- Duranacal.** 精灵语
- At last. 终于
- Hmmm. 唔
- I shall fight fire with fire! 我要以火焰来克制火焰。
- Chaos boils in my veins! 混沌的力量在我血液中沸腾
- Demon blood is thicker than... regular blood. 恶魔之血浓于……一般的血
- I like my enemies dead and my blades flaming. 最爱看敌人死在我燃烧的刀刃下
- I love green trees! (注解: 这个很粗暴. 在游戏中其实是倒过来的, 我不想把它拼出来所以我把它倒过来了. )
- You will perish in flames (咳嗽声) Ops, sorry! 你将在火焰中毁灭(咳嗽)哦,对不起!
- Darkness called, ... but I was on the phone, so I missed him. I tried to *69 Darkness, but his machine picked up. I yelled: "Pick up the phone Darkness", but he ignored me. Darkness must have been screening his calls. 黑暗之王一度召唤我,……但我在打电话,所以我错过了。我试着回拨给他,但只听到录音留言。我喊道:“拿起电话呀,黑暗之王”,但是他不理我。黑暗之王一定是屏蔽了他的电话。
- [.vs 英雄] For Calendor! 为了Kalimdor
- None shall survive! 挡我者死!
- Your blood is mine! 喝你的血!
- Run for your life! 快逃命吧!
- Revenge! 复仇!

丛林守护者- (英雄,城镇中心)
- I must safegaurd the land! 保护大地是我的职责。
- Is there danger? 有险情吗?
- Command me. 命令我吧
- Who threatens the wilds? 谁在威胁着大自然?
- The time is now. 就是现在
- Nature is restless. 大自然永不宁静
- [自然之触] Everything I touch dies or comes back to life! 我的触碰带来死亡和再生!
- [扼死藤] This should weed out a few! 这些杂草应该清除
- [荆棘] You mess with the branch, you get the thorns! 你跟树枝战斗,就得面对荆棘。
- [宁静] The calm, before the storm. 暴风雨前的宁静
- By the spirits! 以精灵们的力量!
- For Calendor! 为了Kalimdor!
- Well, there it is. 好,在那边
- So shall is be. 理应如此
- Naturally. 自然而然
- My father was mounted over someone''s fireplace. 我父亲是画在壁炉上方的座骑
- Feel natural, nature''s way. 感受大自然的自然
- Don''t let the doe hit you on the way out! 那些母鹿要来扁你了
- When I Attack, part 3. 当我***时,第3部分
- Free rides for the ladies MM免费骑哦
- Heard up! 收到!
- [.vs 英雄] Smite the defilers of the land! 给污染者以致命一击!
- Feel nature''s wrath! 感受自然的愤怒!
- Death to all defilers! 污染者,受死!
- None shall harm the wilds! 没有人可以伤害大自然!

月亮女祭祀- (英雄,城镇中心)
- Warriors of the night, assemble! 夜之战士们,集结起来!
- We are poised to strike! 我们随时准备战斗!
- We must act! 我们得行动了!
- I am vigilant! 我时刻警惕着!
- Trust in my command. 相信我的指挥吧!
- [月光] Godess, grant me sight! 女神啊,赐予我慧眼吧!
- [月反射] Let me bounce this off you. 从你身上反弹吧!
- [灼光] Highbeams on! 强光照射!
- [强击] Shoot to kill! 射杀!
- [黎明] Darkness falls across the land. 黑暗降临大地(知道MJ的Thriller吗?Darkness Falls Across The Land ,The Midnight Hour Is Close At Hand,Creatures Crawl In Search Of Blood……''Cause This Is Thriller, Thriller Night……MJ开始与一群僵尸跳舞^o^ )
- Leading the way! 领路!
- Onward! 前进!
- As I thought. 正合我意
- The Godess agrees. 正如女神所愿
- I command the army of Darkness! 我指挥着黑暗(暗夜)部队!
- I''m caught between the moon and NightElf city. 我往返于月亮与夜精灵城之间
- Come on! We''re burning moonlight. 来吧!我们是燃烧的月之光
- When a Treant falls in the forest, does it make a sound? 一个树人在森林里倒下时,会发出声音吗?
- [.vs 英雄] By the Godess! 以女神的力量!
- Strike! 进攻!
- For the Godess! 为了女神!
- Prepare to be Moonstruck!准备接受月神之击!(Moonstruck的字典解释:源于月光能引起精神错乱的信仰,是不是有点讽刺?)

Ready - "My prey is near." ---我的猎物就在附近。
Warcry - "Justice has come." ---审判降临。
What1 - "Have you reached a verdict?"---你有判决了吗?
What2 - "Let me investigate." ---让我来仔细调查
What3 - (Elvish)
What4 - (Elvish)
What5 - "I am the iron hand of justice."---我是司法(正义)的铁碗。
Yes1 - "Let the hunt begin."---狩猎开始吧。
Yes2 - "Understood." ---明白。
Yes4 - "I can taste their fear."---我能感觉到他们的恐惧。
Yes5 - "Justice shall be swift." ---执法必须迅速。
YesAttack1 - "They shall not escape!" ---他们决对逃脱不了!
YesAttack2 - "Let justice be served!" ---为司法服务!
YesAttack3 - "I am the law." ---我就是法律。
Pissed1 - "I shall be your executioner." ---我会是你的死刑执行者。
Pissed2 - "Only the guilty need fear me." ---只有犯罪者对我感到恐惧。
Pissed3 - "Justice may be blind, but i'm not." ---司法可能有盲目,但,我没有。
Pissed4 - "Truth, Justice and the Night Elf way." ---执行真理,正义和夜精灵的路线(方法?)
Pissed5 - "You think you're above the law?" ---你认为你能凌驾于法律之上?
Pissed6 - "What we have here is a failure to communicate." ---我们在这所面对的是沟通的失败(既然已经这样,没有沟通的必要了。)
Pissed7 - "I hold you in contempt."---对你,我只有蔑视。(鄙视你!!!:)
Pissed8 - "He's no good to me if he's dead." ---他死了的话,对我毫无价值。(追杀狂。。。)
剑圣- (英雄,城镇中心)
- I obey the six vengance! (原帖都没翻译...obey是执行的意思,vengance,复仇,×××,连起来我也不知道.我执行这6个复仇?不通顺...)
- I am yours! 我属于你!
- Ohh! 噢!
- Yesa, Lord!* 是,主人!
- What task is there?有什么任务?
- I hearo and obey!* 我听从命令!(剑圣说的是日式英语……把r音发成鲁等)
- Hai! 日语,嗨咿!
- Excellent choice! 完美的选择!
- Yes, huh! 是,哈!
- Snatch the pebble from my hand, grasshopper!
- My a blade can cut through armor, and still cut a tomato!* 我的刀可以切穿盔甲,切到里面的番茄(心脏)
- Twin blade action, for clean, close shave everytime! 看我的双刀流……每次都可以把脸刮的很干净~(剔须刀呀?)
- Wasabi! 日语,芥末 (……剑圣整个一 *** 武士)
=Attack Sounds=
- [.vs 英雄] For the burning Blade! 为了燃烧之刃
- Taste a* my blade! 尝尝我的利刃
- Ailease! *喊声*
- Hooah! *吼声*

先知- (英雄,城镇中心)
- The future is ours! 未来属于我们!
- My eyes are open. 我洞悉一切
- Seeing is believing! 眼见为实
- Do you need my counsel? 需要我的忠告吗?
- Destiny awaits. 命运在等待
- It is certain. 确信无疑
- Of course. 当然
- I see. 明白
- Watch out!
- I see dead people. 我看见死人了(开地图秘籍哦,果然是farseer)
- Touch you tongue to mine! 敢用你的舌头舔我! (狼的呻吟声)
- Concentrate and ask again. 思想集中一点!再问我一遍
- Outlook not so good. 前景不太理想(暗指微软的outlook不太好用)
- Reply hazy. Try again! 回答的摸棱两可,再说一遍!
- [.vs 英雄] Spirits of Earth and Storm, strike! 大地与风暴的灵魂啊,***吧!
- Strike! 进攻!
- Look out! 注意!
- Attack! 进攻!

牛头人酋长- (英雄,城镇中心)
- I have an axe to grind! 我有把斧子要磨
- I stand ready! 我准备好了
- Your command? 你的命令?
- Your order? 你的指示?
- What would you ask of me? 你要我做什么?
- Done! 完成!
- For my ancestors!为了我的祖先们!
- An excellent plan! 好计划!
- Yes Chieftan? 是,酋长?(他自己也是酋长哦)
- Mmmm. My back is killing me! 唔,我的后背要了我的命。
- I need to take a load off! 我需要减轻负荷。
- Rrrrggg! I think I have a splinter! 呃啊~~~~我想我的骨头碎了!
- These poles are heavy, I should find someone else to tote em!这些柱子好沉啊,我该找别的人来背它(找个真人来作我的图腾)
- I used to have to go to war uphills, both ways!我以前打仗的时候还得上坡,两个方面……
- Your way, right away! 一是你上,二是马上
- [.vs 英雄] For the War Chief and the Tribes! 为了酋长和部落!
- For the Tribes! 为了部落!
- Honorguide me!* 荣誉引导着我!
- None shall pass! 把命留下!

Shadow Hunter
Ready - "Want to see somethin' real scary?" ---想来点真正让人惊慌的玩意儿?
Warcry - "It be the mad time man." ---这真是一个疯狂的时代。
What1 - "Who do I kill first?" ---先来干掉哪个?
What2 - "Where our enemies be hidin'?" ---我们的敌人藏身在哪里?
What3 - "Use my power." ---以我的力量。
What4 - "Direct my blade." ---指引我的利刃。
What5 - "Who be my next victim?" ---接下来谁受死?
Yes1 - "Move faster." ---行动更快些。
Yes2 - "It be a pleasure." ---很乐意。
Yes3 - "Right." ---的确。
Yes5 - "We be jammin'." ---我们陷入了困境。
Yes6 - *laughs*
Yes7 - "Ya man."---年轻人。
YesAttack1 - "My blade be thirsty." ---我的刀刃渴望杀戮。
YesAttack2 - "I pity the fool." ---我真为那些愚蠢的家伙感到可怜。
YesAttack3 - "Killin' be easy." ---将他杀死,简单。
YesAttack4 - "Die!" ---死吧。
Pissed1 - "Keepin it real, up in the feal." ---保持真实,??
Pissed2 - "Your commander is a fool." ---你的指挥官是个傻瓜。
Pissed3 - "Call me for your free reading." ---有免费阅读的话请叫上我。
Pissed4 - "You're the baddest soul in town man." ---你是整个部落最糟糕的灵魂,小子。
Pissed5 - "Humans. They think they know everything." ---人类,他们总以为自己无所不知。
Pissed6 - "You lack discipline." ---你缺乏纪律。
Pissed7 - "Stop whinin'." ---别再抱怨了,年轻人。
Pissed8 - "Look at me. I'm happy." ---看看我。我多开心。
Pissed9 - "Ooh, Baby."---喔,孩子。

死亡骑士- (英雄,城镇中心)
- The pact is sealed! 契约已订!
- You called? 你召唤我吗?
- My patience has ended! 我的耐心已尽!
- I am the Darkness! 我就是黑暗!
- My vengence is yours! 你就是我的复仇!
- Let battle be joined! 加入战斗!
- As you order! 听从命令!
- Hiyah! 嗨呀!
- At last! 终于!
- For the Lich King!为了巫妖王!
- Has hell frozen over yet? 地狱还没有冻住吗?
- I am the one horseman of the Apocalypse. 我是天命骑士之一。
- I hate people, but I love gatherings! 我恨人们,但我喜欢收藏品
- I''m a Death Night Rider! Muh ha ha ha 我是一个死亡骑士(死掉的夜骑士)!啊哈哈哈
- Blueca!**
- Don''t touch me... I''m evil! 别碰我……我是邪恶的!
- [.vs 英雄] Let terror reign! 让恐惧统治一切吧!
- Feel my rath! 感受我的愤怒!
- Ride or die! 逃跑还是受死!
- By Nazul! 以Ner ''zhul的名义

恐惧之王- (英雄,城镇中心)
- The night beckons! 夜在召唤!
- Greetings! 向您问候!
- What, mortal? 什么事,凡人
- What is it now? 现在呢?
- I must hunt soon! 我立即行动!
- That was my plan! 正是我的计划!
- Agreed! 同意!
- Very well. 很好!
- You thought of that? 你也那么想?
- If I have wings, why am I always walking? 既然我有翅膀,为什么我总是步行?
- (电话铃声) Yes? Arrgghh! For the last time, I''m a Dread Lord, not a Drug Lord! 喂?啊!!我说最后一次,我是一个恐怖魔王,不是×××王!
- This is not a dress, it''s the standard Dread Lord uniform!这不是一般的服装,这是恐怖魔王标准套装!
- Dress to kill! Blah! 是穿来杀人的!废话!
- (电话铃声) Yes? Darkness, hey, what''s up? The Demon Hunter left you a message? No, I don''t have his number. 喂?黑暗之王吗?嗨,情况如何?恶魔猎手给你留了条短信?哦,不,我没有他的号码。
- And then, after I overthrow this fool... Oh! Hello! I didn''t know you were there. 然后,我揭穿这个笨蛋……啊,喂,我不知道你在那
- Imbisile! 不可思议
- [.vs 英雄] Your soul is mine! 你的灵魂属于我!
- I hunger! 我饥渴!
- Deathrageous! 死之怒!
- Die! 死吧!

巫妖- (英雄,城镇中心)
- The ancient evil survives! 远古邪恶生还了!
- I am sworn to Nazul! 我效忠于Ner ''zhul !
- Thy bidding? 你的命令?
- Direct me! 指示我吧!
- Yours to command! 由你指挥!
- [清醒] Cllleeaarrr! 了 解!!!
- [冰霜铠甲] Nazul protect them!Ner ''zhul保护他们!
- [冰河] Freeze! 结冻吧
- [召唤冰龙] Rise from your grave! 从坟墓中复活吧!
- So be it! 正是如此!
- By your words! 听你的!
- It it destined! 这是宿命!
- Dead man walking! 死者在行走啊!
- Chilling! 颤抖吧!
- Could you chew that up for me? 能帮我咀嚼一下吗?
- I''m so poor, I don''t even have calcium deposits! 我真可怜,我甚至连个钙质的驱壳都没有。
- I am the Ghost of Warcraft past.我是魔兽之幽灵。
- I hear that banshee''s a real screamer! 我听见女妖还真是能喊哪!
- You should see the skeletons in my closet! 你该看看我橱子里的骷髅!
- Im hoe chap!**
- All the ladies dig rigor mortis. 女人们在掘坟。
- You are the Weakest Link, goodbye! 你是最烂的链接,再见
- [.vs 英雄] For the burning Legion! 为了燃烧军团!
- Embrace the end! 接受这个结局吧!
- I will crush you! 我要灭了你!
- Embrace the cold!接受寒冷吧!

Crypt Lord
Ready - "From the depths I come." ---我从深渊而来!(我从深奥中来!)
Warcry - "For the frozen throne." ---为了寒冰王座!
What1 - "Speak." ---讲。
What2 - "I have heard the summons."---我已听到了召唤。
What3 - "Time is fleeting." ---时间飞逝。(它是古老的蜘蛛帝国的皇帝)
What4 - "My might cannot be matched." ---我的威力无可匹敌!
What5 - "I serve only the frozen throne." ---我只为寒冰王座服务!(我只出现在资料片中。)
Yes1 - "Ill see to it." ---我会注意的。
Yes2 - "By Nerub." ---为了Nerub(蜘蛛帝国)。
Yes3 - "Indubitably." ---毫无疑问。
Yes4 - "Cheeky." ---厚颜无耻。
Yes5 - "Ill consume the living and the dead." ---疾病毁灭生存者和死亡者。
YesAttack1 - "Oblivion awaits." ---赦免在等待。
YesAttack2 - "Feel the venom of Nerub." ---感受Nerub的怨恨!
YesAttack3 - "Raid!" ---袭击!
Pissed1 - "The scourge will devour all." ---天灾将吞噬一切!
Pissed2 - "The strands of destiny weave only a web of death." ---命运之网,死亡之网。
Pissed3 - "It was good to be the king." ---身为国王,感觉不错。
Pissed4 - "Humans check in. They don't check out." ---人类登记进来,却不能登记离开。
Pissed5 - "I'm the fifth beatle."---我是第五只甲壳虫。(我是第五位披头士。*beatles,披头士,甲客虫,著名的四人 乐队*)
Pissed6 - "And they say Blizzard games don't have bugs."---他们说blizzard的游戏没有虫子。(他们说bizzard的游戏 没有bugs。)
大法师- (英雄,城镇中心)
- This had better be worth it! 这样做最好值得!
- You require my assistance? 需要我的协助吗?
- What is it now? 现在如何?
- Get on with it! 继续!
- Well? 什么?
- I can hardly wait! 我不能再等了!
- Perfect! 好极了!
- Whatever! 怎样都行!
- Fine! 很好!
- Don''t you have a strategy? 你就不能有点战略吗?
- Your prattle begins to annoy me. 我开始对你的天真感到厌烦了
- You''d best stay clear of me, or I''ll turn you into a mindless sheep! 你最好别碰我,不然我会把你变成一只没大脑的绵羊!
- I don''t waste my magic on just anything! 我不会随便浪费我的魔法的
- [.vs 英雄] For glory! 为了荣誉!
- To battle! 战斗啊!
- For glory! 为了荣誉!
- Nimflorie frostades seda!** (吟唱咒语)

山丘之王- (英雄,城镇中心)
- Alright, who wants some? 好吧,谁想来试试
- Aye? 什么?
- Wait ''til you see me in action!* 等待行动指示
- Give me something to do! 让我做点事吧
- Hmmmph! 恩!
- Brilliant! 英明!
- I''m coming through! 我来了!
- Move it! 行动!
- Out of my way! 让开!
- Could you put some bonus points in my drinking skills? 你能给我的喝酒技能升几级吗?
- Any fish and chips shops about here?* 这附近有炸鱼土豆片卖吗?
- I think it''s time for a nippy sweetie!** 我认为该吃点心了。
- What the bloody hell are you playin'' at?* 该死的,你在玩些什么啊?
- There''s nothing more motivatin'' than fightin'' with a bad hangover!* 喝的烂醉然后打仗最爽了!
- Where''s the pub? 酒馆在哪?
- Let''s get PIST! 去喝个痛快吧!
- [.vs 英雄] For Kazmodon!** 为了Kazmodon!
- To arms! 拿起武器!
- Death comes for ye!* 死神来找你了!
- I''ll run em through!* 我来搞定他们!
- Watch this! 看这招!

圣骑士- (英雄,城镇中心)
- I live to serve all believers! 我为服务信徒而生!
- What would you ask of me? 您要我做什么?
- I am not afraid! 我没有恐惧!
- Let me face the peril! 让我来面对危险!
- At your call! 为您效劳!
- [驱魔] Strike down upon thee with great vengance and fury! 以复仇的愤怒力量击倒汝!
- As you wish! 随你所愿!
- For honor! 为了荣誉!
- For my people! 为了我的人民!
- It shall be done! 理应如此!
- It''s hammer time! 该抡起锤子了!
- I want to be your sledge hammer! 我愿成为您的巨锤!
- Touch me not, I am chaste! 别碰我,我是纯洁的
- No, is that your final answer? 不,那就是你最后的回答?
- I have bad brethren 我已经有很多兄弟了。
- Is that a sword? Luxury! Is that a horse? Sloth! Is that a helmet? Vanity! 那是剑吗?奢侈!那是马吗?懒惰!那是头盔吗?虚荣!
- [.vs 英雄] In Lightbringer''s name, have at thee! 以光明使者的名义,进攻汝!
- Justice will be served! 公正终将得以伸张
- Defending your name! 捍卫您的名誉!
- Death to the infidels!异端者死!

Ready - "Burning to avenge" ---复仇在燃烧
Warcry - "By the blood of the high-born!" ---为了高等精灵之血!
What1 - "Do you see something?" --你看到什么了吗?
What2 - (Elvish) ---(精灵语)
What3 - "Evil is near." ---邪恶就在附近
What4 - "I am here, mortal." ---我在这,人类。
What5 - "This battle bores me." ---战争让我厌倦
Yes1 - (Elvish)
Yes2 - "For my people."---为了我的人民
Yes3 - (Elvish)
Yes4 - "For now."---就是现在。
Yes5 - "Bah, childs play."---呸,小孩子的玩意儿。
YesAttack1 - "I'll incinerate them." ---我来把他们烧成灰烬。
YesAttack2 - "For Quel'Thalas!" ---为了Quel'Thalas!(高等精灵国家)
YesAttack3 - "They shall burn" ---他们该被烧尽。
Pissed1 - "The blood of the high-born is my birth right." ---高等精灵之血是我出生的权利。
Pissed2 - "The ghosts of Quel'Thalas cry out for vengeance" ---Quel'Thalas的灵魂在呼喊着复仇。
Pissed3 - "I find your insolence disturbing" ---你的傲慢让人恶心。
Pissed4 - "If you dont master your anger, your anger will master you. I should know" ---如果你不能控制你的愤怒, 你就会被你的愤怒控制。我应该知道的。(却没有做到。。)(玩游戏也是一样,If you don't master your game,your game will master you,we should know.:)
Pissed5 - "Hi. My... name is Roy. I'm a magic addict." *murmuring*"Hi Roy" ---“hi,我的名字。。。是Roy,我为魔法痴迷”。*自言自语声*hi,Roy。(学魔法的家伙,多少有点神经。。)
Pissed6 - "My blood cries out for the vengeance of my people's blood. Which can only be repaid with at least twice as much blood. Or maybe three times as much blood. Like if you went to hell, and it was full of blood. And that blood was on fire. And it was raining blood. And maybe that would be enough blood. Ehh, but probably not."
并且值得注意的是,这里有个很有趣的地方:在twice之前有2个blood,在three之前有3个blood,将full和fire看成four和five*谐音*,那么full之前也是4个blood。而fire所指的‘that blood’,就是full后面的那个,正是第五个blood。当然这只是我个人的看法,不知道是不是正确的:)