As a technical support engineer,my major responsibility is provide technical service to our customers. obviously,plenty of knowledge,skills,and experience are absolutely necessary. but what I want to say today is your attitude to the work and customers is more important than your knowledge.

What a technical support center provide to customer is technical service, like other kind of services, what customer most concern is the quality of services,it includes several factors,such as the speed of response,the resolving ability and speed,etc.

In my opinion,the most important factor is not related to technique,it is the feeling of customers,if customer feels comfortable and be respected,then he will think he was well treated,he will give more understanding and tolerance to the engineer and the company. a few of customers are critical,but most of them are kindness and friendly,so if you treat them well,they will be cooperative and graceful.

So I often remind myself,try to make a smile before picking up the telephone,before answering a question on the phone,and before replying a customer's mail...