Today is the first work day in our new office,as a member of pi team, my responsiblity is to test if our new office is ready for us to work in insure we can relocate in the new office smoothly in next weekend,we need to test the teleph  system,network and some special application. it seems everything we used before can works well in the new office, except a new tool named Apropos,it is used to route incoming ph calls and emails for new cases to the correct product group. I have never use this tool before,fortunately,I found it was easy to use.
Anyway,I like our new work place,my work area is roomy,my table and and chair are comfortable,the atmosphere of Tsinghua Science Park is more relaxative than that of Oriental Plaza. and above all,I can reach my new office from my home in twenty minutes on foot. that was the most fortunate thing in the world,if you live in Beijing either,you can understand my words.