Exchange 2013 SP1已于西雅图当地时间2月25日上午发布。同期发布的还有Exchange 2010 SP3 RU5和Exchange 2007 SP3 RU13。以下是一些关于客户提供的常见问题的修复,例如夏令时更新等等,都在这三个版本的最新补丁包中得以解决。


Exchange Server 2013 SP1

·2860242 HTML format is lost after saving as an MSG file in Exchange 2013

·2900076 Mailbox quota warning message uses an incorrect language in Exchange Server 2013

·2910199 "Reply all by IM" chat window displays seven recipients in Outlook Web App

·2913999 Meeting request body and instructions are lost in delegate's auto-forwarded meeting request

·2918655 Microsoft.Exchange.Servicehost.exe crashes after you enable FIPS

·2918951 Users cannot access public folders after you upgrade to Exchange Server 2013 Cumulative Update 3

·2925281 Outlook connectivity issue if SSLOffloading is "True" in Exchange 2013

·2925544 Empty ExternalURL value for ActiveSync virtual directory after build-to-build upgrade of Exchange Server 2013

·2927708 Resource mailboxes that are created by EAC will not be updated by policies in Exchange Server 2013

·2928748 Default from delegate's address in shared mailboxes in Exchange Server 2013

·2928803 Long server connection for Outlook after a database failover in Exchange Server 2013

·2930346 POP3 access does not work if the name of the resource mailbox differs from the user's name

·2930348 Outlook Web App manual redirection occurs if External URLs in each site are the same

·2930352 Outlook Web App cross-site silent redirection does not work in Exchange Server 2013

Exchange Server 2010 SP3 RU5

·2887459 Public folder expiry time is set incorrectly in Exchange Server 2010 SP3

·2892257 Email items are lost when you move items between shared folders by using EWS delegate access

·2897935 "Cannot save the object '\FolderName'" error message when you try to replicate Exchange Server 2010 public folders

·2898908 EdgeTransport.exe crashes if the From field is empty in an email message

·2903831 Only a single character is allowed in the disclaimer content in ECP

·2904459 RPC Client Access service crashes if you add "Signed By" or "Send From" column in Outlook online mode

·2913413 RPC Client Access service crashes with an exception in Exchange Server 2010

·2913999 Meeting request body and instructions are lost in delegate's auto-forwarded meeting request

·2916836 EdgeTransport.exe crashes when a transport rule sends a rejection message to an empty address

·2919513 Memory leak or memory corruption occurs in Exchange Server 2010

·2924971 RPC Client Access service stops when you select an inactive search folder in Outlook 2007 in an Exchange Server 2010 SP3 environment

·2926057 EdgeTransport.exe crashes if seek operation failed in Exchange Server 2010

·2927856 Incorrect recurring meeting if disclaimer transport rule is enabled in Exchange Server 2010

Exchange Server 2007 SP3 RU13

·2926397 An Edge Subscription file from an Exchange 2013 Edge Transport server is rejected by an Exchange 2007 Hub Transport server