Collection of data and functionality.


Actor 演员

Object that can go in a level.


Component 组件

Objects that can go on an actor.

Reference 引用 

Where to find an object.

Data Pin 数据引脚

The input or output data for a node.

Execution Pins 执行引脚

When to run this node.

事件:空格键 space bar  -->


创建Cube引用  -->

--> 获取静态网格组件 get static mesh component

--> 获取质量 get mass |

--> 获取显示命名 get display name |

--> 添加冲量 Add impulse


  • Force = Mass * Acceleration 力 = 质量 * 加速度
  • Impulse = Mass * Velocity Change 冲量 = 质量 * 速度变化