E325: ATTENTION ###请注意

Found a swap file by the name"/etc/.services.swp"


         owned by: root   dated: Thu Aug 1011:23:38 2017

         filename: /etc/services

         modified: no

         username: root   host name: oldboyedu39

       process ID: 42359 (still running)

While opening file "/etc/services"

            dated: Wed Aug  9 11:38:27 2017


(1) Another program may be editing the samefile.  If this is the case,

    becareful not to end up with two different instances of the same

    file whenmaking changes.  Quit, or continue withcaution.

(2) An edit session for this file crashed.

    If thisis the case, use ":recover" or "vim -r /etc/services"

    torecover the changes (see ":help recovery").

    If youdid this already, delete the swap file "/etc/.services.swp"

    to avoidthis message.


Swap file "/etc/.services.swp" alreadyexists!



[O]pen Read-Only, (E)dit anyway, (R)ecover, (Q)uit,(A)bort:



解决:[root@oldboyedu39 ~]# \rm rf /etc/.services.swp