I used to track the update of sio2 engine, and watched the tutorial videos. I'm shocked today to find that the sio2 studio seems to be located in Shanghai, however the author in the videos has mid-east accent, I guess it's a foreign-invested corporation.
I read the file format spec under doc subfolder tonight, the tag syntax system is upgraded,  and I learned that sio2 has a pseudo object instancing, opengles supports VBO( vertex buffer object),for VBO, see here

前段时间经常查看sio2的更新,也看过几个tech tutorial视频,今天突然发现sio2的工作室好像是在上海,因为看到了他们的招聘信息和邮箱,可是视频里的那个人的声音听起来像中东的,估计是个外资公司。
刚刚读完file format spec这个文档,里面说到tag syntax system更新了。另外,sio2使用了一个很简单的伪object instancing方法,就是根据object的名字来instancing,最后我还知道opengles支持vbo,关于vbo可以看看这篇文章