Objective: View and configure some basic areas of the router.
Lab Equipment: Router 1 from the eRouters menu
Background Reading: Lab Primer Lesson 1: Introduction to the Cisco Router Command-Line Interface
1. Press ENTER to get to the router prompt.

2. Enter the command that is used to view all the commands available in user mode.

3. Enter privileged mode. This is the mode that gives you complete control of the router.

4. View the commands available in privileged mode.

5. Enter the command that provides access to global configuration mode.
Router#config terminal

6. The router’s host name is used for local identification. When you log on to the router, you see its host name in front of the prompt (either the > or the # prompt). The host name can be used to identify the location or function of the router. Set the router’s host name to Krang.
Router(config)#hostname Krang

7. The enable password controls access to privileged mode. This is a very important password because when it is configured, only those who know the password can make configuration changes in privileged mode. Set the enable password to boson.
Krang(config)#enable password boson

8. Test the password. Exit the router, and try to enter privileged mode. Notice that you have to provide the password in order to enter privileged mode. Now, type the conf term command and proceed with the instructions in the next step.
Krang#config term

9. The only problem with the enable password is that it appears in plain text in the router’s configuration file. If you need to obtain assistance in troubleshooting a problem, you may inadvertently compromise the security of your system by revealing the password.Set the enable secret password to cisco.
Krang(config)#enable secret cisco
10. Now, test this password by logging out of the router and then typing enable at the user mode prompt. The enable secret password overrides the enable password. If you have set both passwords, you must use the enable secret password to enter privileged mode. The enable password is still configured but is now deactivated.
Krang(confi g)#exit