+ Cute and Functional!

iKitty keeps your iPod nano looking super-cute while protecting and allowing for full access to all controls and holes.
+ Rub its tummy...

The iPod's contols are on iKitty's tummy- flip him over and enjoy full access to your controls while in the case. SCREEN PROTECTOR with rubber backing included!

+ Plug it in!

Plug in your charger, accessories and headphones while in the iKitty case. Bottom cutout is big enough for most accessories and headphones with large plugs.

+ Bendy Tail- Unbeatable style!

The cutest case out there!! Bend iKitty's tail to express emotions and have a little more fun with your iPod nano.

有了iDog,iDuck,iFish之后,又来了个可爱的小猫,iKitty!有白色和黑色版可供选择,可以完美放置iPod Nano,低部可以操作到控制按钮,并且留了刚好的位置让你欣赏iPod Nano那如水的屏幕;而2个眼睛的位置刚好是USB口,尾巴后就是耳机插孔,造型是相当可爱。