Men registered "Kunming fair" domain names and expected to sell them

(The following information provided by Hong Kong Network Services Co.,Limited) Recently,  It's said that a man who was born in Yunnan working in FuJian sent such a message: the transfer of  "昆交会"Internet domain name with 10 million U.S. dollars, on the major sites. Yesterday, the reporter through QQ linked to this person. He said that his registration of "Kunming Fair" domain names were purely accidental, and wanted to sell them with an unprecedented price-10 million U.S. dollars , particularly to the Yunnan provincial government or the fair organizing committee. Hong Kong Network Services Co.,Limited
     The netizen with the name"Yikeshu" said that the "Kunming fair"was held 16 consecutive session, but they haven't resolved the issue of protection of intellectual property rights and brand, so then there is a chance and had successfully registered finally with a try attitude . He registered the Chinese domain name: "www.中国昆明出口商品交易会.com" and "www.中国昆明出口商品交易会. net", at the same time, because the annual Kunming Fair is in June 6th, so he continued to register and "[url][/url] and [url][/url],"which has also  been done successfully. Later, a reporter checked those domain names and found that really were registered.Hong Kong Network Services Co.,Limited