开发基于asp.net的系统,最初使用r.a.d treeview 2.5,经常会出现控件无法加载的情况。原以为是控件本身的问题,可后来将r.a.d treeview升级到3.0版,还是无法解决。去terelik官方网站看了f.a.q,也没有提到这个问题。


prb: access denied error when you make code modificati with index services running;en-us;329065

if you run index server (cisvc.exe), then index server may rescan the temporary files directory while it requests a microsoft page. cisvc.exe then holds a lock on the temporary files directory for to five minutes. the length of time of the lock depends on the size of the directory that causes the aspnet_wp.exeprocess (or w3wp.exe process for applicati that run on microsoft internet information services [iis] 6.0) to not load the particular dll.
if you do not use index server on the server, you can disable it. to do so, follow these steps:

click start, and then click services.
locate indexing service from the list of services, and then click indexing service properties from the subform.
on the general tab of the indexing service properties dialog box, in the startup type drop-down item list, click disabled.
click ok.

if you use index server, you can exclude the temporary files directory from the folders that the index server scans. to do so, follow these steps:

click start, point to all programs, point to administrative tools, and then click computer management.
expand the services and applicati node, expand the indexing service node, and then expand the system node.
right-click the directories folder, point to new, and then click directory from the subform to open the add directory dialog box.
click browse, and then locate the temporary files directory. you typically find the temporary files in the following path: c:microsoft.netframeworktemporary files
note is the version of .net framework installed on your computer.
click no under the include in index? option buttons.
click ok to close.
close the computer management dialog box.
restart the indexing services service.
more information
other software that is designed to scan directories at regular intervals may lock the files that are located in the temporary files directory in a manner that is similar to how the indexing service locks the files. examples of such software include virus scanners and backup software. microsoft recommends that you see the manufacturers' manuals for the individual software for information about how to disable or to exclude the temporary files from these services.