This project management interview questions and answers guide covers a number of the questions you can expect in your next project manager job interview. 

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Find help answering interview questions that explore the core competencies required in project manager jobs, questions that assess your skills and abilities as they relate to the job requirements and those questions that explore your relevant experience in the project management field.

These are the different types of interview questions you can expect to face.

Project Manager Skills

These interview questions explore the candidate's understanding and approach to key project management responsibilities and the relevant skills they have.

Be ready with excellent interview answers about your project management skills.

Behavioral Interview Questions for Project Managers

These project manager interview questions explore key project manager skills such as team building and management, planning and organizing, negotiating skills, problem-solving, adaptability and flexibility and leadership skills. The answer guide provides a clear understanding of what the interviewer is looking for when asking these questions.

Project Management Experience

These project management interview questions explore the candidate's project delivery experience and experience in successfully managing a project team.

Find out how to prepare convincing interview answers about your project management experience.

A detailed project manager job description clearly communicates the key tasks and requirements of the project manager job in any organization.

Project Manager Duties and Skills

The sample project manager resume provides a framework for developing your own convincing project management resume.

The project manager cover letter can be customized to create your own winning cover letter

These leadership interview questions assess leadership competencies for the project management position.

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Project Manager Interview Tips

  • Practice before your interview developing and formulating concise interview answers to standard project management interview questions. Be prepared to discuss the projects you have been involved in. Make sure you have key project data to hand, such as budget, size, team members and time frames.

  • Prepare for common job interview questions using these sample answers. Ask a family member or friend to conduct a mock interview with you using the list of questions.

  • Have some good questions prepared to ask the interviewer. Use your background research to formulate insightful, well-considered questions. The job interview question list provides examples of  discerning questions to ask in your job interview.

  • In addition to your list of questions to ask include the following in your interview portfolio - 2 copies of your resume, employment reference list, copies of any written references you have and relevant project data from your previous projects.

  • Communication skills are core to the project manager job. Interviewers will be assessing the candidate's communication ability and style throughout the interview. Be aware of both your verbal and non-verbal communication.