mysqlpump features include:

  • Parallel processing of databases, and of objects within databases, to speed up the dump process

  • Better control over which databases and database objects (tables, stored programs, user accounts) to dump

  • Dumping of user accounts as account-management statements (CREATE USERGRANT) rather than as inserts into the mysql system database

  • Capability of creating compressed output

  • Progress indicator (the values are estimates)

  • For dump file reloading, faster secondary index creation for InnoDB tables by adding indexes after rows are inserted

 mysqlpump was added in MySQL 5.7.8. It uses recent MySQL features and thus assumes use with a server at least as recent as mysqlpump itself.

mysqlpump requires at least the SELECT privilege for dumped tables, SHOW VIEW for dumped views, TRIGGER for dumped triggers, and LOCK TABLES if the --single-transaction option is not used. The SELECT privilege on the mysql system database is required to dump user definitions. Certain options might require other privileges as noted in the option descriptions.