L42 Not very musical

新概念2册L42笔记(动词名词化have a 动词)_动词名词化have a 动词

musical adj. 有音乐天赋的、精通音乐的

charmer n. 使人着迷的人、有吸引力的人
charm v. 吸引、迷住
charming adj. 吸引的

pipe n. 管乐器
pipe dream 妄想、白日梦

pick sb up 接某人...
I'll pick you up in the car this evening
pick up sth 学...
I picked up a lot of English while I was in England
pick out 挑选

tune n.
play a tune 演奏曲调
catchy tune 洗脑曲调

glimpse n. 一瞥、一看 v.瞥见、看一眼
have/catch/get a glimpse

continue v. 继续
continue to do sth
continue doing sth


  • As we had had a long{adj修饰名词} walk{动词名词化} through on of the markets of Old Delhi, we stopped at square to have a rest{动词名词化}
  • After a time, we noticed a snake charmer with two large baskets at the other side of the square,so we went to have a look{动词名词化} at him
  • As soon as{一...就} he saw us,he picked up a long pipe which{定语从句修饰先行词为物} was covered with coins and opened on of the baskets

have 用法

have +名词 = 普通动词,提供了写作的多样性。动词词性找副词修饰是困难(词性少于形容),变成名词后用形容词修饰较为容易

  • I walked in the garden
  • I had{v.} a walk{n.} in the garden  #have +名词 = 普通动词
  • He wanted to drink a glass of water
  • He wanted to have a drink of water  #have +名词 = 普通动词,还可以省略量词
  • I was looking at those old photographs last night
  • I was having a look at those old photographs last night #原动词进行时,have也变形
  • He washed before going out
  • He had a wash before going out ##原动词过去时,have也变形


  1. 生病
  2. 必须
  3. 万能{不能与got搭配}


  1. 完成时态:现在完成have done、将来完成will have done、过去完成had done
  2. 助动词:have{有、生病、必须} got、万能{不能与got搭配}


新概念2册L42笔记(动词名词化have a 动词)_动词名词化have a 动词_02