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新概念2册L32笔记(比较级_状语从句as/not so + adj./adv. +as)_比较状语从句

once adv. 曾经、以前,常与一般过去时连用
I once met your mother #在句中表曾经
I've only been there once #在句尾表一次

temptation n. 诱惑
They couldn't resist temptation to open the present
tempt v. 诱惑
tempt sb into doing 诱惑某人做某事

article n. 文章、物品、东西
article on 关于文章

wrap v. 包裹
wrap sth up 把...包装

simply adv. 仅仅
arrest v. 逮捕、吸引(注意)
He has been arrested for drunk driving again


#第一句not so... as 平级比较用动词原级;第二句than是要比出高下,因此用比较级

  • People are not so honest as they once {were}.The temptation to steal is greater {than} ever before-especially in large shops


  • A {detective} recently watched a well-dressed woman {who always went into a large store on Monday mornings.}

#to watch变成不定式放置句尾,前面用形式主语it;easier比较级

  • One Monday, there were {fewer} people in the shop than usual when the woman came in, so it was {easier} for the detective to watch her

#in the shop在某个范围内往往使用最高比较级

  • After a little time,she chose one of the {most} expensive dresses in the shop and handed it to an assistant who wrapped it up for her as quickly as possible
  • Then the woman simply took the parcel and walked out of the shop without {paying} #介词+动名词,对句子进行精简
  • When she was arrested, the detective found out that the shop assistant was her daughter{that引导宾语从句}. The girl 'gave' her mother a free dress {once} a week!



形式:as(副词) + adj./adv. +as(连词) 如...那样...;not so adj./adv. +as 不如...那样...

  • He dances beautifully. The girls dances beautifully
  • He dances as beautifully as the girls #正常情况下第二个as引导的谓语动词可以省略但是比较的是同一事物不同时间不可省略
  • 平级比较用动词原级,不用v.+e


新概念2册L32笔记(比较级_状语从句as/not so + adj./adv. +as)_新概念2_02