Apple MacBook 安装Windows 7 x64 with boot camp 4.0 提示: "unsupported model

I just purchased and installed Lion yesterday on my late 2008 macbook (aluminum unibody macbook5,1 Core2Duo 8GB Ram). I then installed Win 7 64-bit professional without any problems, but when I ran the windows support software from BC 4.0, I received the message: "x64-bit unsupported on this computer model." I previously had the same Win7n 64-bit installed on snow leopard without any problems using bootcamp 3.2 (I might have had to do the compatibility trick to get the x64 bit drivers to install). So is there a way to force install the BC 4.0 x64bit drivers? Maybe BC 3.2 usable with Lion?... I have to imagine someone else ran into this same problem, any ideas or solutions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

In the Windows 7 Start Menu Type “cmd”, then right-click on the program that appears and choose “Run As Administrator”.
Then enter;
cd "WindowsSupport\Drivers\Apple"
msiexec /i BootCamp64.msi

"E:" is the drive of my pendrive. use your own drive

it worked for my 2009 iMac